Pawlenty Aces North Carolina Audition

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7 Responses to Pawlenty Aces North Carolina Audition

  1. CHICAGO RALPH says:

    Ohhhhhhhh pleeeaaaaaaasssssssse…….!!!!!!!

  2. onecornpone says:

    Come on people, Massachusetts Milquetoast Mitt for Prez, with Minnesota Milquetoast Tim for VP???

    Good grief, WHERE'S THE BEEF?

    • DB523 says:

      mutter…. "where's the beef"…. mutter….. EPA overreach…. yeah…. that's it…

      HEY corn… it's the EPA's Agenda 21's fault….

    • NotKennedy says:

      Ya see what happens when you start making deals with the devil? I can already see Lindsey Graham having a hissy fit if he doesn't get to decorate the RINO room in the Whitehouse. If it was not for the likes of Mark Dayton, Pawlenty would never have looked like a moderate republican. A moderate republican is essentially a 60s era democrat.

      Now what was that ol song about the times? They are a changin'? Mmmhmmm, hang on to those wide ties and double breasted/vested suits, just in case.

      • onecornpone says:

        Did you say MODERATE???

        Heh, heh… ; )

        If it were true that dictatorship is inevitable and that fascism and communism are the two "extremes" at the opposite ends of our course, then what is the safest place to choose? Why, the middle of the road. The safely undefined, indeterminate, mixed economy, "moderate" middle — with a "moderate" amount of government favors and special privileges to the rich and a "moderate" amount of government handouts to the poor– with a "moderate" respect for rights and a "moderate" degree of brute force– with a "moderate" amount of freedom and a "moderate" amount of slavery– with a "moderate" degree of justice and a "moderate" degree of injustice– with a "moderate" amount of security and a "moderate" amount of terror– and with a moderate degree of tolerance for all, except those "extremists" who uphold principles, consistency, objectivity, morality and who refuse to compromise.

        From "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal", by Ayn Rand

        • NotKennedy says:

          That's a fairly thorough coverage! Now where'd I put my scaffolds? It's time for a lynching!

    • DB523 says:

      Curiously, if you read corn's post with your tin foil hat in place, with the antenna tuned for reception of BZ's posts under "Hillary -UN-Law of the Sea" …..

      I leap gayly to the Global Sovereign Overlords needing "Milquetoast" "Regional" management….sigh… need to re-tune the hat…