What a Difference Four Years Makes

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4 Responses to What a Difference Four Years Makes

  1. Joseph_of_Steel says:

    "I wonder if he will be as inclined to blame as our current president has been."

    If Romney wins, the first time he mentions anything as being Obama's fault…..he will be labeled as racist by the MSM.

    Watch. When the debates start. I guarantee we will see the MSM begin to accuse Romney of using various 'codes' for race in the debates when he criticizes Obama.

    Guaran-damn-tee it.

  2. spaceracer423 says:

    Im making sure I keep this page somewhere I can find it.

    Numbers dont lie.

    This is what failure looks like.

    • Heza Fraud says:

      This is why the Potemkin President needs to be fired… and so do several hundred thousand meddling D.C. bureaucrats. It's long past time for Sodom-on-Potomac to "feel our pain." Here's why.

  3. spaceracer423 says:

    Romney in 2014:
    "I inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression." ;)