Proven: GM’s bailout was simply a $26 billion payoff to the UAW

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15 Responses to Proven: GM’s bailout was simply a $26 billion payoff to the UAW

  1. Taxpayer1234 says:

    Good work, but hey, it's another BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) report.

    • Cowboy Logic says:


      ….and here, after all this time I thought that BFO stood for Barry F**king Obama…..

  2. TanksSherman says:

    "Celebrity Spokesperson" ….LOL. It is way past time for Kunta-Kinte` to begin his journey to hell…. Maybe Lou Cypher will have a real nice golf course set up for Zer0… where the ball falls from the tee on the downswing and he whiffs it…..every time.

  3. I_Me_Mine says:

    I could have chosen GM for my company lease vehicle back in January. I chose not to.
    Instead, I went with a 2012 FORD Explorer. Partly because of spite, but mostly because it's a fine SUV.

    • Taxpayer1234 says:

      Good on you. I'd love to do a survey of Ford owners to see how many bypassed GM because of the bailout.

      If my Toyota got swiped tomorrow, I'd buy…another Toyota.

  4. Canadianlady says:

    How can Obama get away with this nonsense? The taxpayers should have his head on a pike.

    • Taxpayer1234 says:

      We were screaming it from the rooftops three years ago, and no one listened. Now the chickens are roosting and leaving us a huge mess to clean up. Ugh.

  5. I_Me_Mine says:

    My last vehicle was a 2008 Toyota 4 Runner. It was OK, but a little stiff on the bumps.
    My prior was a 2005 Explorer. Hated it.
    Prior to that was a 99 Expedition. I have never EVER had a vehicle better than that one.

    • Taxpayer1234 says:

      I have an '01 Camry, which I like a lot. But my best car evah was an '81 Toyota Tercel. It got 45 mpg and was great in the Michigan snow. My next best car was an '88 Mazda MX6. It did really well on the two-tracks in Northern MIchigan; hubs called it his "truck." We owned a few American cars, all of which were lemons…except my '74 Firebird. :)

    • Red47 says:

      We LOVED our expedition. Totaled by a middle aged man in a Miata who thought he could beat me through the light. Fool. If he had a passenger, it would have been really bloody. If I had not swerved and had t-boned him, I would have sustained less damage and would still have that car today. Plus, he might have been unconscious and unable to swear at me as though it were my fault he had run a yellow light and gotten smashed by the giant vehicle with much momentum. We still speak fondly of her.