Adieu France, So Long Stability

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13 Responses to Adieu France, So Long Stability

  1. onecornpone says:

    LMAO!!! France's Socialist government will dictate that it is illegal for a profitable, privately owned business to close its own doors.

    Did you read that??? [dictate] So how hard will it be to make the segue to forcing an entrepreneur who has separate holdings in other investments, to use them to prop up that biz, if it becomes unprofitable. France is Russia, circa 1917…

    There is NO such thing as private property ownership in France, after this decree…

  2. ★FALCON★ says:

    This would be funny – except America will have to save them again.

    I say – noooooooooooooo!

    Sure their cheese and Bordeaux wine is spectacular – but the rest of the country and their hairy women aren't worth a schlitz.

    • onecornpone says:

      … save them again.

      IMO we'll be damn lucky if we don't become them… I don't think we'll have the wherewithal to save anyone in the near future.

      • I_Me_Mine says:

        Off topic,
        Did you hear the news about the Lavaca County Grand Jury Decision this afternoon?

        • onecornpone says:

          Yes, just now!!! I got goose bumps… We both knew it… didn't we…

          Texas, where a man can still defend his family without retribution.

          GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!

          • I_Me_Mine says:

            Texas, where a man can still defend his family without retribution.

            GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!

            Amen to the first…and a BIG Amen to the second!!!

      • I_Me_Mine says:

        Another off topic Texas news :
        Did you hear about the piece of sh!t Major Nadal Hasan today that shot up Fort Hood and killed 13 of our finest soldiers?

        • onecornpone says:

          Yep. I heard he court would not allow him to attend his next hearing, unless he shaves his full beard, as it is against military regs. Shyt, THE Current Occupant will probably turn him loose, before Jan 20, 2013.

          • I_Me_Mine says:

            You're close. He could not attend this hearing. He had to watch on closed circuit TV. The judge warned him and his lawyer the LAST time.
            This is what REALLY pisses me off :
            This #*%&@$**ucker has been drawing FULL Major pay. The tune? $7000 per month. Incarceration has netted him almost 1/4 of a million of MINE & YOUR tax dollars. On top of that, we have spent upwards of a MILLION $$$ on his hospital designed jail cell.

            I will try and find the link on this story and post it at 8.

            • onecornpone says:

              I don't understand why some of the victims don't file a civil suit against Hasan, to deprive him of that stash of money. There may be some disconnect between civilian law, and military authority.

              Gawd, I love it… Mark Levin is to the shouting stage, over o-Hugo jr's walking all over the U.S. constitution… vis a vis immigration. I love that man.

  3. I_Me_Mine says:

    Maybe they have and it's just not being reported. That's great call in question to our local am stations. If I find out, I'll let you know.

    I don't get Levin because of our local guy on KTRH from 5-7. The Astro's broadcast is usually next. I would have to listen to his podcast and I'm too lazy for that in my old age…not enough time in the day.
    I still have to support the 47% in my day job… ; ))

  4. Red47 says:

    Isn't that fascism?