Obama team: Fast and furious documents are privileged

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88 Responses to Obama team: Fast and furious documents are privileged

  1. SunshineConnie says:

    Executive Privilege my ass! Nothing but contempt for America and her laws from Team Obama one more time!

  2. Cowboy Logic says:

    This will backfire on Obama.

    The funny part of this is; is that we actually pay all of these people to behave like this.

    • Deusexmachina says:

      I'm sure those RINOs will find a way to save his skinny ass…..

      • Cowboy Logic says:

        To think that Dick Nixon resigned from Office, for far less than this.

        • Roger says:

          He had the press watching him.

          We know that's not the case now, you can't even ask obama questions without reporters chasing you away.

      • NotKennedy says:

        Michael Steele probably put him up to it… just so he would have something to discuss with Juan "BigToof' Williams, The Imperial Journalist.

    • Duuuuh says:

      I think thats… "They pay themselves out of our pockets". It feels more like an armed robbery to me.

    • AZVick says:

      Sticks in my craw every day.

    • ChiTownTom says:

      Thanks for reminding me that we foot the bill for these clowns…

    • ChiTownTom says:

      It's Bush's fault!!!

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa waaaaaaa…

      • ChiTownTom says:

        Ok…let's take a moment and be serious.

        Are you telling me that if this happened under a Republican you would be fine with that? You would say ok…a similar program started under a democrat so it is fine? Really? I hope you are just trolling because the time has come…

        Face it…Barry and his minions screwed up.

      • TheKingIsDead says:

        Stormfront called and they're missing a shill.

    • Deusexmachina says:

      That's mulatto lawn jockey, little troll….

      • Deusexmachina says:

        I thought you were in the media, little troll….

        I noticed that there was spacing between some of your letters. Is that what happens when your other hand is occupied?

        • Billyb9 says:

          I thought i was having a hemroids flare up- then I notice this pain in the ass is back. Helen don't know when to give up.

    • scrabblerouser says:

      I am so sick of that man's shennanigans. Priviledged? For who? For themselves, that's who. that sob is gonna get what's coming to him n 11/6.

  3. AZVick says:

    You can get the live feed on FoxNews.com or C-Span 3.

    Issa read the part of the law that defines executive privilege. No dice. No way. No how.

  4. NotKennedy says:

    They might just as well introduce a draft of Articles of Impeachment along with their vote for Contempt.

    Well, alrighty then! What will Issa do now? Have a hissy or throw a beer summit? If this is not abuse of Executive Privilege we can call it that, anyway. An oridinary, run of the mill, investigation run so awry that the Prince of Kenya has to thwart justice to protect not only his man-servants but himself.

    What we have here… besides a failure to communicate, is a scalded dog, on the run!

    • AZVick says:

      Impeachment! Please!

    • Cowboy Logic says:

      "What we have here… besides a failure to communicate, is a scalded dog, on the run! "

      What we have here, goes further and beyond that, and is far more serious.
      The topic at hand amounts to merely a symbol of the endemic and systematic overthrow of the Republic.

      This Boy Holder, and his Overseer Barry need led out of power, in shackles.

      • NotKennedy says:

        Holder needs a new nickname, Gunboat or something that will stick. Big Gun, Little Gun, Obama and Holder.

        With each passing day this adminstration takes on the character of check cashing, pawn shopping, Friday loan, Buy here pay here, cross town liquor store where you get your Mad Dog on credit. Fortified ObamaJuice.

  5. ret_cpo says:

    So what! Par for the course for this administration. Rules! We don't need no stinking rules.

  6. AZVick says:

    Democrats are a menace to our nation.

  7. ★FALCON★ says:

    Executive Privilege to cover the death of a Federal Agent? Me thinks not.

  8. Cowboy Logic says:

    To quote an advertisement.

    Membership has its privileges.

    At least that is what they think.

  9. ★FALCON★ says:

    Last night according to Mr. Mica – Holder offered the docs (not sure how many) and today – Obama and Holder have besmirched the DOJ and tried to stop the investigation.

    Sad day for America – says Mr. Mica.

  10. ret_cpo says:

    This is going to stay in the news for awhile. This certainly does not fall under the definition of executive privilege, but who can do anything about. We will just keep talking about this and nothing will be done. It is just a freaking soap opera. "As the screw turns".

  11. ★FALCON★ says:

    Second dumbest bitch in Congress now speaking – The dishonorable Ms. Norton. Babbling like an idiot.

    • kissmyaspen says:

      Maloney looked like she was drugged. She couldn't keep one eye open.

      • ★FALCON★ says:

        Issa just said they are not recogizing the Executive Privilege. Issa says that Holder could have turned over the docs and the case could have been closed – now it's going to move forward even further.

      • AZVick says:

        Liars. Democrat liars.

      • ★FALCON★ says:

        Good God – she was just on again – she looks like she is on heroin.

    • kissmyaspen says:

      Issa is explaining the law to her now. You are right, she is the second dumbest b!tch in congress.

    • JohnK144 says:

      Frighteningly stupid. It's good to have these clowns on parade, though.

    • Cowboy Logic says:

      The real funny thing is, that Eleanor Holmes Norton cannot vote.


      • kissmyaspen says:

        Why is that?

        • NotKennedy says:

          She is a Shadow Congress Observer from DC. DC is not a state. DC has no representatives. Norton has made sure of that. Still, she is more lucid than Marion Barry. I wonder if he ever 'did 'er'!

          • kissmyaspen says:

            thanks for clarification.

            • NotKennedy says:

              In a better time, DC was operated by Congress and managed by the Military District of Washington. Granting them 'home rule' has been one of the greatest blights ever visited on DC despite the very good intentions of some of the early Mayors. They were just amateurs and it has gone downhill ever since. The charter desperately needs to be revoked and a military governor appointed to manage the operation of the city.

              Better yet, the Capitol should be relocated to a very isolated and remote area in the mid-west, preferably a decommissioned military base where elected members will reside in barracks during the period of their deployment, aka, sessions of congress.

              No one will leave the compound during a session unless dire need is demonstrated. They will be fed, housed and managed in a manner that is befitting their purpose for convening.

              No nearby airports, no local community. Members of Congress will be bussed in on privately chartered busses. No privately owned vehicles will be required, no one is going anywhere but to work, chow and quarters.

              • kissmyaspen says:

                Maybe they would get a budget passed if they did that.

              • AZVick says:

                No pay or benefits, of course, and only one session allowed to pass the budget (severely curtailed) then home to live in their districts with the people they represent and subject to the same laws.

                • NotKennedy says:


                  As the ol' Bob Wills' song goes, "you got to dance with who brung you, swing with who swung you…"

              • ret_cpo says:

                I like it. Sort of a congressional boot camp.

        • ★FALCON★ says:

          She reps the D.C. No vote there – just representation.

    • AZVick says:

      Stalling, obfuscation. It's a slow blood-boil day.

    • SunshineConnie says:

      Jackson Lee, Mad Maxine, Barney Frank, Debbie WET-HERSELF, NO-BRAIN Norton… So many choices for DUMBEST B***CH Award.

      • ★FALCON★ says:

        It's commonly known that Jackson-Lee is the dumbest bitch in congress – and that's why I said Norton was second. LOL

        • NotKennedy says:

          When Cindy "Cornrow" McKenna was in Congress, Jackson-Lee was the 2nd dumbest racist in their midst. And don't diminish Hank 'Guam' Johnson. There are many seriously debilitated, trifling fools in elected office.

          Have you ever heard Tom Harkins? Even the Lord averts his ears to that dolt.

  12. SpaceRacer423 says:

    Too Late-

    If these items were "privileged" it should have been invoked a year ago.

    What will be interesting is seeing how the media covers the abuse of power.

    • ret_cpo says:

      The MSM, with the exception of FOX will not be talking about abuse of power. So much for "Checks and Balances".

      Rule of law went out the window when this cork sucker was elected.

  13. NotKennedy says:

    If I was Issa I would already be reading a Contempt of Congress Order to Obama. Now is his time to shine if he is going to make his case. Lay on the strap and draw the blood! Once there is blood in the water the MSM will do what they always do

    • AZVick says:

      Right. Once everybody that wants to be is recognized. I don't see him backing down. He's pretty cool. But I wouldn't bet money on it, either.

      Do you think the MSM will ever pick this up? They haven't so far.

      • NotKennedy says:

        They are not interested in the story but they thrive on scintillation and blood feasts. If they saw Obama or Holder going down they would frenzy against them without flinching. The media will always kick a man when he's down.

        I think that some of the guys in press and a lot of them talkers are getting the idea that we are not listening to them anymore. They are not the force they once imagined themselves to be.

        • AZVick says:

          I hope you are right in your instincts about the media but I have my doubts as regards this prez. I keep waiting for one of them to break. It's astonishing how filthy and corrupt those people are. Not one, not one has shown any backbone.

          I hope they all rot.

      • Deusexmachina says:

        He just wants us to believe that he did the best that he could, before giving up….

  14. JohnK144 says:

    Two very interesting questions posed by Chuck Grassley………

    "How can the President assert executive privilege if there was no White House involvement? How can the President exert executive privilege over documents he's supposedly never seen?"

  15. SunshineConnie says:

    Did Obama give us one more valid reason to impeach???

    • ★FALCON★ says:

      Add it to the list – if he didn't go down for his illegal war in Libya – this probably won't do it either.

  16. ★FALCON★ says:

    Mr Walberg is reading Holder the riot act.

    This guy is pissed. Shaming Obama and the DOJ.

  17. ChiTownTom says:

    If an AG fell in the woods and the media refused to hear it…did it really happen? /sarc

  18. AZVick says:

    Okay, there it is. The get rid of the guns meme from the Dems from Connolly. The other Dem p*ke said it, too. Can you believe the nerve of these people?

  19. AZVick says:

    Over on Rush he's opening with a statement as Fast and Furious to target the Second Amendment.

    And discussing the background of the Executive Privilege order.

  20. Taxpayer1234 says:

    Backing Holder and OZero into a corner: Issa is doin' it AWESOME!