Congresswoman: Trayvon Was ‘Hunted Down Like A Rabid Dog’

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  1. Roger says:

    Speaking of rabid dogs, what happened to the leftist mongrel that shot Giffords?
    You know the time we were told not to say things that would inflame tensions and all?

    • Billyb9 says:

      You mean the right wing Christian nut job who worshiped Governor Palin and was acting on her map of targets?

      Yeah, how fast that became a non-story just as soon as it was found out the he wasn't a right wing Christian nut job who worshiped Governor Palin and was acting on her map of targets.

      I think he'll be found to be insane, be institutionalized, and be released upon completing his treatment.

      Zimmerman on the other hand has already been convicted by every MSM outlet and political zealot out there. As I understand it, Zimmerman has not even been convicted, let alone had his day in court. But even if his innocence is proven beyond a reasonable doubt his life is ruined.

      Kinda reminds me of the Duke lacrosse players a few years back. There's got to be a better way for the media to approach a story that they have no facts about…

      • di_da_is_alpha says:

        It'll be like the Rodney King cops; keep trying him till he's found guilty.

      • Remember Richard Jewell who was wrongly accused in the Atlanta Olympics bombing in 1996? I think he lasted about 10 years and died at the early age of just 44 from 'poor health'.

        This isn't the first time the media circus has set up it's tent. I believe CNN was a big part of that too.

        You are right, there are several instances where fact and fiction were mingled and reported as news.

        But the thing that I noticed with this case is the roll Social Media played in the spreading of the story. Much like the rumor exercise kids play out in schools where one person tells the next one something and it keeps going until you finally have a story that is nothing like what you started with.

        We have much more to worry about than this one story. What will the next one be?

        • Billyb9 says:

          Conservative websites with citizan journalists may be our last white hope here…Wait was that racist? I never know any more. Along with Rush and the boys on talk radio… Wait was that sexist- ah well, and a spattering every once in a while on Fox News..

          The concern is that things going "Viral" as viral is a good name for it- Crap gets spread like a plague while true reporting- with the tedious and time consuming necessity of gathering facts, is usually too late to overcome the emotional blathering the left politico thrives on.

          Christ said the road is narrow, and few will find it. It's just so hard watching friends and family being washed over by the rhetoric…

    • I'm waiting for Obama to make the announcement date for his civility speech…

      • di_da_is_alpha says:

        You're going to waiting for a long, long, long, long time. Oh, and did I say it would be a LONG time?

        • I hear he will have more flexibility after the election.

          Perhaps that is what he is waiting on…

          • Roger says:

            You're still sounding like a racist homophobe the way you say that.

            • I take pride in my racist homophobes badge the left gives me. :)

              • Roger says:

                Sheilajacksonlee troll left another fake review on my book this morning.

                When you read the reviews at the bottom, can you guess which ones are left by trolls? It's so subtle!
                The left doesn't want to reach across the isle with us, they want to destroy us. I'm tired of coming to a gun fight with a butter knife.

                • Roger says:

                  You made my point far better than I could.

                  You don't deserve to be treated with respect. You refuse to do so for anyone else.

                  You are the Nazi, and in a different time and place you would be pushing the Jews into the ovens simply because the propaganda said to.

                • bedtimeforbonzo says:

                  I'm Jewish. But if the Nazis had burned your book, I wouldn't have complained.

                  If you had just admitted you were wrong about Reagan and FDR, then you wouldn't be my b i t c h right now.

                • Roger says:

                  You're a liar, why not claim to be martian and sound just as credible?You're a liberal troll and everything you do here, everything you stand for is a lie.Marxism never works. Liberalism never leads to more personal dignity for the masses.And Reagan was always things that diminished personal liberties.

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  I'm not lying.

                  I'm Jewish just like Marx was.

                  Reagan was a New Deal Democrat, don't think we all forgot about how you lied about claiming he wasn't.

                • Roger says:

                  And you're a marxist like Karl Marx.

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  And you're a capitalist just like Adam Smith.

                • Roger says:

                  Nope, a constitutionalist like Jefferson and Washington, you know the radical extremists.

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Oh, the slave owners.

                  Good for you.

                • Roger says:

                  No, just the founding fathers part.I don't advocate slavery, that's a muslim thing.

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Well they did put the whole slave thing into the Constitution while doing the whole founding fathers part, Mr. Constitutionalist.

                • Roger says:

                  And Jefferson set his slaves free apron his death.

                  Can you show that they didn't just live in a society where slaves were common place, but defended it?

                • Cowboy Logic says:

                  It has been rare that I have commented to you. But I'm a gonna tell you something, and you're not a gonna like it. It is time someone told you.

                  You made some very intelligent comments and observations at one time, but that was years ago. Somewhere along the line, something happened, and you have become just as obsessed with you Fan Club as they have become obsessed with you.

                  Both you, and they, need understand one thing. Folks are not entertained by it. As a matter of fact, they are quite turned off, in having to wade through your collective nonsense.

                  I have two grandsons, ages three and six, who are more adult and dignified in their carrying on, than you all are.

                  You are a social butterfly, fluttering hither and yon, from site to site, dragging your collection of trolls behind you like social disease.

                  You all really need to get a room, and work things out. Why don't you talk to navy, and see if he can set up a Special Page just for you all? You can go there, and post away ad nauseum to your hearts content.

                • Roger says:

                  CL, being the social butterfly I've participated in that special page on sites you didn't get around to visiting.

                  It didn't help and the trolls just got even more determined when they realized I could still present facts in dozens of ways they didn't even consider to make them look out of touch with reality.

                  Cowboy, you haven't seen the light on something. I don't pretend that trolls go away when you ignore them. I guess for a social disease I'm good for one thing, keeping trolls down to a minimum While you'v been enjoying your nobility on Breitbart I've gotten rid of quite a few of the low hanging fruit. Coggy used to have a list he followed, I was an integral part of 17 not coming around and giving people like you a hard time the way they used to when I first started posting on intense debate.

                  Do you have a problem with keithisGreat any more? I don't miss retired sailor or aqua dude or any of them. I don't know how many times I've gotten on Helen's nerves, but someone sometimes needs to fight in the trenches.

                • WeeToddEdwards says:

                  I mean this in the nicest way. You mean to say that you going from board to board dereilaing threads is keeping the trolls down? The only reason you are even decent with me on KATU is because your have been visited by KevinC the admin and once he has to go to yout profile twice you are done. CL is right. Peole have to wade through our and others discussions and they are tired of it. Why can't you just leave us alone? YOu call it fighting in the trenches? It is a discussion board. You are not fighting evil, you and the ones you go after (we are all to blame) ruin discussions boards with our non stop bickering. I have tried to stop and you have backed of some what. I do not want to interact with you anymore. I want to discuss stories without you derailing them. This is not a war quit making it into one.

                • Roger says:

                  Oh wee wee, you small little man.
                  You're always advocating for violence, against Christians usually. You like vigilante justice and don't see why a rule of law needs to be followed.

                  You lecture me on manners? You?

                  That's funny.

                  You want to use hate speech and avoid reality and I make sure you are exposed when you do that. This is a war as long as you are at war against the values I hold dear and have made this country great.

                  Now, in the nicest possible way, are you going to quit attacking Christianity and saying that Hitler was evil due to his Christian beliefs amongst other things, like that Christians should be burned alive in their churches?

                  24 minutes ago @ – Soldier Found Guilty i… · 1 reply · +1 points
                  The whole town needs locked in the church and the church set on fire. IMO

                • WeeToddEdwards says:

                  When have I ever used hate speech? I stated my opionions you did not agree. I wil lstate my opinions and facts when I want. I would never tell you you could not. I have exposed you nermous times and you have shown your hatred for me by getting banned from most of those sites. Our continued bickering ruins other people's discussions. This is not a war. Wars involve violence and killing something you say you do not stand for. Quit making it one leave me alone and get on with your life.We disagree BFD. Move on. I will leave you alone you leave me alone.

                • Roger says:

                  Wee, why do you want to go back and rehash the things you know so well?

                  You're trying to revert to the 'blah blah blah' as lips put it.

                  It's so 3rd grade. I can play that game. But everyone else wants to move along, even if you haven't picked up on the subtle hints.

                • WeeToddEdwards says:

                  Well they did dnot go so well for you. I have picked up on the hints. But wherever I leave a comment you are right behind me replying. How are you moving on? Your 1st grade bullying does not work so well.

                • Roger says:

                  And your point is?
                  This is public forum where stupid comments invite it.

                • Lips says:

                  What a great idea! Their own page to work things out? You're brilliant, Cowboy. I'll save you the trouble, though. I've already done it. And it didn't help. However the low hanging fruit that Roger mentions, did fall from the branches and roll away to continue fermenting. Including him. While the reasonable minds stuck around and made new friends, found a place to engage in intelligent conversations, and have some fun, too.

                • Cowboy Logic says:

                  Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit.

                  There are numerous translations of that.
                  The phrase itself is based on a corruption of Latin, consequently leaving it open to general interpretation.

                  It means a grape changes color and ripens when it see's another grape.

                  It means that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.

                  It could also mean, that out of one, come many.

                  I'll use your fruit analogy.
                  Low hanging fruit, is the hanging low because it is ripe. When it falls to the ground, it rots in its own fermented juices………

                • Lips says:

                  Very nice. I'll go with a combination of the analogies you've presented. Because that's pretty much how it went down. Some continued to rot in their own juice, while others found they preferred to hang a bit longer and enjoy the sunshine. It was an interesting social experiment, with the unexpected twist of Andrew passing in the middle of it. Anyway, you're welcome to visit our ship, anytime.

                • Roger says:

                  Lips, I've wondered when this might happen. When you didn't hide behind someone's filter or something.

                  I was invited to a site for the express purpose of working out differences. When I explained what those differences were you all closed ranks and without deciding on the merits of my argument, or the facts of the issue who was more likable. That's not debate that's a popularity contest.

                  Just when I think I have you all figured out then you or badcat says something so common sense I have to stop and scratch my head. Not many people confuse me, but your group does. I disagree with many of your tactics, positions and outlook on life, but you have moments when I have to nod and agree all the same.

                  I can't say that about the ones I was on your site to settle things with.

                • Lips says:

                  Roger, you over analyze everything. To the point of no return, and no gain.

                  It's very simple. There were no preconceived opinions about anyone that participated in the opportunity provided by Griz, on POP. The ultimate outcome was based on nothing other than separating from those that sounded like this:

                  Blah-blah, bla blah bla blah.

                  And those that didn't.

                  It required no set ups, no conspiracies. After several weeks of hearing (insert obnoxious sounds from above) it was obvious to see who would move on and put the past away, and who wouldn't.

                • badcat says:

                  You're still trying to explain things to that idiot? He's had his head so far up his own ass, for such a long time, he can't imagine any other perspective. You can't argue with the clinically insane. And I mean that sincerely — Roger has severe mental illness, and there's no way that you can explain reality to him. His paranoia and OCD is so profound, it's like arguing with an addict. Pointless. And yes, this is one of those really obvious common sense type things that I post from time to time.

                • Roger says:

                  You just proved every comment I made on this thread, thanks!

                • Lips says:

                  I know. But I've always had a soft spot for the clinically insane.

                • Roger says:

                  To accept that I would have to ignore everything Badcat said, and her friend that went back and forth with attacks on me for over 100 times.

                  I analyze to understand reality, not to avoid it. And the past effects the present, no one I exposed as being what I called them recanted a single thing, that makes them the blah blah, at least if you analyze correctly.

                  This is exactly what separates us. You want a popularity contest, I don't' care about that, this is about more important things to me.

                  Interrupting the propaganda machine that poisons the culture.

                • Lips says:

                  No Roger, I just want to enjoy life. Not hurt anyone. Not fight with anyone. Live by my convictions.

                • Roger says:

                  And there are times that shines through. There are about 4 of you from that site that are a glimpse into a social set I haven't experienced, it's fun watching how you reason things out.

                  I won't insult badcat, I'm sure you can understand I don't say that about her.

                • LibertyWriter says:

                  We need a sharp programer that would allow us to hide posters and their thread.

                • Lips says:

                  That's not likely to happen. Sites can add an ''open discussion'' page, though. And if the users are polluting other threads, herd them there, if they can't comply, ban them from the site. Our home site is uncensored and no banning had ever occurred until these users forced the owner to do so.

                • LibertyWriter says:

                  Sometimes I get a vicarious thrill witnessing a evisceration of a troll. Of course, when I am under stress my ultra conservatism comes out and suppresses my Obla-Di, Obla-Da mentality.

                • Lips says:

                  Extremism will do that to you… Yet, life does go on. It just becomes less enjoyable, and you miss a few things along the way.

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  What? Who? You call me? Who's Obla?

                • Lips says:

                  It's obviously an acronym related to something stupid Obama has or will do.

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Lips, you talk pretty.

                  Why don't you leave these conservative zeros and get with some liberal heroes?

                • Lips says:

                  Sorry Sheila, I'm entirely too balanced to stumble into either pit.

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Hum, sassy.

                  But something tells me you will secretly vote for Obama.

                • Roger says:

                  Something tells me you secretly vote for Pee Wee Herman.

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  Hahahahahahah. You're WAY out of your league, Guckert. :)

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Sorry di_da, I don't think your little bayonet will impress her.

                • Roger says:

                  You are commenting on something you don't understand. And frankly you're not smart enough to figure out.
                  Dida and Lips have talks that would be way over your pointed head.

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  I'm trying to talk to a girl now Roger.

                  Run along. Go find WeeTodd.

                • Roger says:

                  You're still out of your league guckert.

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  No, you're trying to talk to a woman, not a girl.

                  That's how everyone knows you are out of your league.

                  But keep looking, I'm sure you'll eventually find a date for the Justin Bieber concert.

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  Hey, that was pretty funny Guck. :)

                  See, just exchanging comments with me has increased your intelligence. Although, that's really not saying much.

                • LibertyWriter says:

                • Roger says:

                  Liberty, be careful you get into the gutter with. You're smart enough to realize that not all pretending to be sugar is really sweet.

                  They over at pissedoffPirate have a way of setting people up.

                • LibertyWriter says:

                  Thanks for the tip. I didn't know what to make of the post so I gave him my disarming smile, not my friendly grin.

                  √ —my real approbation

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  I didn't see anybody getting set up at PissedoffPirate. When I went there I confronted Wee and Coggy, but did so with a couple of sharp tongued comments, then kept quiet about them for awhile.

                  Coggy has showed himself to much further to the right than I would have believed, and Wee confirmed everything I said about him, dragging some of the regulars over there into his and my disagreement, and now he has pretty much abandon commenting there.

                  I think where people have a problem is with the constant bickering. Just make your point, and let the other guy prove it for you.

                • Roger says:

                  Then go up this thread and read the comment by badcat.

                  I'm glad you enjoy your time at the site. It's always fun to run into people you can have fun with.

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  Ok, my two cents.

                  I wouldn't have responded at all to badcat's comment if I were you. Your reply is not going to change anyone's opinion of either you or badcat. All it did was make you look insecure. Sometimes the most powerful comments are those left unsaid.

                  There ya go, take it or leave it.

                  And thank you, btw.

                • Roger says:

                  I'm still trying to figure out how Shiela's mom can afford to score him tickets to a Beiber concert…

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  Selling plasma, maybe?

                • Nick Shaw says:

                  I think you meant to say, "I'm a JINO.", didn't you, Helen?
                  Just tryin' to help you out, is all.

                • Pretty low down. Karma will serve your justice for you.

                  I'll report them for you.

                • Roger says:

                  Thanks. You notice bedtime has been using multiple profiles so he can vote people up and down? I've seen them swing as many as 10 pts within him starting.

                • Yes, I've noticed the voting.
                  Oh well, there are worse things in life than getting thumbed down.

                  They have crossed the line and are liable for Defamation now. If I were them I would be laying low.

                • DB523 says:

                  Just an aside, navy and roger, I agree with navy on life and TDs, we are big people, we read, we get it, maybe it's eventually if they lie, but we get it. The reason I like this format is just that you can go back and look at prior posts…and if there is a lack…well, that says stuff too.
                  That said, I sorta like the trolls. I'm a sensitive little flower and find it distasteful to wade through the muck that is progressive journalism, so I appreciate their efforts in dragging their putrid theologies and dropping them at my feet like the cat. Every time I toe their offerings over and see the rot it reminds me why we fight at all.

                  I mean, I love my life, I am a happy person and would be content to let those beyond my nose be. But the stench is bothersome, time to take out some garbage.

                  Top O'tha Evening Gentlemen.

                • Roger says:

                  Yes, the trolls do offer that entertainment value.
                  I like the imagery you gave!

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Who gives a **** about your 164 rating Roger? How ******* *** could you be?

                  Navy, yes I always have to lie low before sticking the fact right up your fat ***.

                  Stop deleting all my comments from your BS site, and lets see how what happens *****.

                  And there is no defamation to Roger’s character. We are exposing his lies.

                  Navy Gentleman says “Not on my site. Take your fight outside.”

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  You insects crack me up. To a point. Then I realize that your words only strengthen my resolve when the time comes that you force me to put a bullet right between your eyes. I won't hesitate, I won't miss, and I sure as hell won't lose a seconds sleep. Have a nice day. :)

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Check. That's fine.

                • Roger says:

                  It's amazing, you do more to keep us focused on the dangers of liberalism than any books or information available. You're an example of what goes wrong when someone gives up all responsibility for themselves and depends on a technocrat for the keeping of their soul.

                  In this case, you don't even know who owns you.

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Did you notice the death threats at me by di_da_is_Omega?

                  Or was it ignored like a typical conservative? Trayton killers.

                  You fire the first shot and the revolution begins. You abandon the law and you will find your head in a basket.

                • Roger says:

                  What did you do, insult his book too?

                  You don't know what happened with Trayton. You know what you claim, but not the facts, the system will play out and uncover those facts, in spite of you.

                  You are the first shot in the revolution you are wanting, not me. And you ignored the two white tourists murdered in florida, why is that? I don't abandon the law, I count on it. And you come for my head we'll see what ends up on the basket.

                  You're a racist bigot who is trying to pull a sharpton.

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  What? Is it against the law to kill an insect?

                  Besides, I said, "…. when the time comes that you FORCE me to…" so, just don't 'force' me to. That means don't participate in a coup designed to circumvent the will of the majority of citizens of this country. In other words, insect, stay in your mamma's basement and don't riot in the streets when Obama the jackass is thrown of office on his ass this coming November.

                  Now, go on about your business, crawling around the keyboard, trying to upset the humans, and looking for picnics to invade.

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Roger, do you notice how this conservative uses a Nazi tactic of thinking of people as insects?

                  You can't ignore racists like di_da_is_omega forever and then claim conservatives are not all racists.

                  Trayvon murderers. You will all be looking up from a basket by starting this revolution.

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  Nazis are lefties, like you, insect.

                  Oh, and one other thing, insect. The military doesn't use the Greek alphabet. You must have moved your hive temporarily to a frat house before moving back into your mamma's basement. You sould say di_da_is_zulu if you want to insult me, but that would just further demonstrate your insect-like ignorance. da_da_di_dit is zulu.

                  And finally, what I said is not a threat, it's a fact. Although, you personally are probably not worth the cost of a bullet, so, if you force me to have to deal with you, I'll just drive a bayonet through your chest.

                  Interesting fact about bayonets, you don't sharpen them like you would a knife. You want just the tip razor sharp so it penetrates heavy clothing, possibly even body armor, if you're strong like me. But you want most of the length of the blade somewhat dull so that it rips instead of slices, in the rare event that the target lives. Rips are much more difficult to repair than clean cuts. Ok, you have a nice day now, insect. :)

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  Looks like you love the Nazis as much as your hero Robert Bales.

                  I use di_da_is_Alpha on the Breitbart site, but a different picture of your dog. Looks like you changed it.

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  I figured that might be you, Guckert. Looks like you've taken a couple of lessons in fourth grade grammar. Good for you.

                  And no, I hate Nazis, just like I hate all left wing fans of big, oppressive government. Left wing mentality is insect mentality, everyone must serve the hive for the good of the collective. It ain't happening in this country, so get over it.

                  We've moved too far left as it is, an now the big push back to the right is about to begin. Actually, it began in November of 2010, but now it's going to build some real momentum. Enjoy the ride. Or don't. I really don't care about your feelings or your health.

                  And now, if you'll excuse me, I have homework to finish. Have a nice day. :)

                • SheliaJacksonLeeHERO says:

                  I will be sure to chance the picture to the new dog.

                • di_da_is_alpha says:

                  You're going to 'chance' the picture, huh? Ok, dumbass, you do that.

                • Nick Shaw says:

                  "…typical conservative? Trayton killers."
                  Hmmm, a typical conservative that's a registered Dim.
                  Yep, we're dastardly, Helen!
                  You'll never figure us out!

                • LibertyWriter says:

                  I have enough points already. I am going for the win.