Bozell Column: Pathetic Dan Savage

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10 Responses to Bozell Column: Pathetic Dan Savage

  1. Cowboy Logic says:

    A reasonable article.
    Dan Savage is definitely Stump Broke……..

    If one takes the article here, in conjunction with this article from Drudge, the only thing left to exclaim is WTF!

    Those people in the photo, in the White House, OUR HOUSE, flipping off Ronald Reagan need a special treatment.

    • 4arepublic says:

      As special treatment for Savage and those low-life idiots that dissed President Reagan's portrait, I recommend application of the sweet spot of a Louisville slugger to their ugly noggins. The photo of the dyke wearing purple flipping off the Gipper made me want to puke myself empty.

      • Cowboy Logic says:

        I have a visceral, and violent reaction to that c**t in purple.

        • Oregontea says:

          She has the look of hatred squared to her.

          Pure, ugly, mean hatred. Ignorant hatred at that.

          • NotKennedy says:

            Yes. That is her nature.

            • Oregontea says:

              How stupid of these idiots to jeopardize the presidency of theirresident fool by acting out in the Peoples House. The disrespect for afine president (one of the very best) will come back to haunt themnext term. What mean, nasty, crude, ignorant, vile people.

    • NotKennedy says:

      As it happens, I have probably said or at least thought more disrespectful things about most of the Congress and certainly the entire US Senate. The thing about this variety of phag is that they are so flamboyant, so exhibitionistic and yet they have NO TALENT. They can't sing, dance, play music, they don't write well, paint, they just act like what they are, queers of nature. That IS their schtick. The are queers of nature, it is their 'talent' and offending others is their performance art.

      You know who phags ought to have gravitated to? Yasar Arafat. He was a fags faggot, there are stories of him even fagging some of his conscripted victims to death. He was a legend for his debauchery and he had the same political agenda as the Reagan's detractors.

  2. Oregontea says:

    This whole episode needs to be played up by Romney PACs and sent out in a commercial for all to see.

    This is the lowest of the low.

    obama really has all his friends in low places.

    Stupid people take pictures of themselves acting stupidly. This admin. is immortalized in stupid pictures and videos.

  3. NotKennedy says:

    Yes. Those photos MUST be seen again as election time draws near. The ghey vote is miniscule, polarize and get f'n rid of it. Less than 2% of the population is homosexual and of that amount, most are just ordinary folks getting along in life without making gender the central element of their existence.

  4. DaleTheNerd says:

    I figured this Savage character would be off the stage by now. As we get closer to November I suspect it will become obvious even to the brain dead leftists handling the Dem campaign that he's a big detriment to their loony re-election strategy. The memos will go out to the MSM and this guy will magically be ignored. Just like that crazy woman with the red hair who was always camped out by W's estate protesting the war in Iraq. When the loons outlive their usefulness they get removed from the news cycles.