Trayvon ‘Tribute’ Video: ‘F*ck Protesting…Start a Riot’

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One Response to Trayvon ‘Tribute’ Video: ‘F*ck Protesting…Start a Riot’

  1. Cowboy Logic says:

    There is a new Trayvon Martin being discovered.

    The new Trayvon is not the cute adolescent made famous in the old photo that the MSM is enamored with.
    The new Trayvon Martin is here .
    That is a far different picture than what the MSM wants people to believe. The "boy" in that photo is a man. Look at the photo, the the date: June 2010.

    Add 20 months to that photo, and an entirely different image emerges.

    Trayvon Martin. The Tawana Brawley of 2012.