Arizona, the Racist State?

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36 Responses to Arizona, the Racist State?

  1. LostinOregon says:

    The word "Racist" has absolutely no meaning anymore, except when used in the same sentence as the word Liberal.

  2. SunshineConnie says:

    Arizonans are simply fed up with the filthy freeloading lawbreakers. We love legal immigrants and willingly support them as they contribute and work hard to be self sufficient and assimilate.

  3. kissmyaspen says:

    If enforcing state and federal law is racist… If putting American citizens rights and welfare over people who entered the country illegally is racist? Then so be it….

  4. Hank_Scorpio says:

    "Entering the country illegally is no longer an abuse of law. Illegal aliens are victims, never victimizers."

    Just another example of how political correctness and pandering are killing the rule of law and common sense in this country.

  5. King of Mediocrity says:

    I'm Caucasian-American (that is what us whites are now calling ourselves isn't it?) in a town where we are the minority (65% Hispanic, 33% white, 2% other). I don't "feel" the racist hate against me (I've learned not to take it for granted that it isn't there)… – but still I wonder why I'm not a proud recipient of the benefits of Affirmative Action?

  6. Stephen_Brady says:

    If I entered another country, illegally, I would expect to be arrested and deported. If I were a multiple offender, I would expect to be jailed. Mexico is extremly harsh of illegals. Can't we take some direction from them?

  7. ladykrystyna says:

    In case you're not pissed off enough about this entire thing:

    The Department of Justice sues your state to invalidate the bill. The Supreme Court strikes portions of the bill but upholds its central feature, allowing Arizona state and local law enforcement officials to check the legal status of individuals when there’s reasonable suspicion that they may be illegal immigrants. The very same day, however, the Obama administration issues a directive to federal authorities to decline calls from Arizona law-enforcement officials reporting illegal immigrants. And the next day the Department of Justice sets up a hotline for the “public” to report civil-rights violations by Arizona authorities trying to enforce that portion of SB 1070 upheld by the Court.

    From this article:

    This administration is flagrantly refusing to fulfill its Constitutional duties.

    How much longer are we going to put up with this? When will we have our Lexington and Concord moment?

    Because I'm tired of waiting for elections that don't change a damn thing because the entire system has been corrupted. It's time to do an "Etch-a-Sketch".