The Supreme Court just wrote Romney’s campaign ads

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5 Responses to The Supreme Court just wrote Romney’s campaign ads

  1. bassett says:

    As a resident of Taxifornia, my vote doesn't count, so I'm going to urge all of you in the blue states to seek out the true conservatives in the red states and give as much money as you possibly can to their campaigns. That's what conservatives stuck in the blue states can do to help get more conservatives in office across this nation.

    • Gutter Ballet says:

      I have never donated to any campaign. I am now seriously considering donating to the Romney campaign. I doubt i am the only one either.

  2. BronxZionist says:


    Let's go for 2/3rds "sugar" in it for both the House and Senate "servings".

  3. AZVick says:

    If there are any Ulsterman readers on this site, they've just posted a new WH Insider on the flipside of this headline:

    Now Obama gets to defend the indefensible the whole rest of his campaign.

  4. Holdmynose says:

    Roberts just gave the country a reason to flip the Senate and reenforce the House plus a Republican President. And with Citizens United, he gave us the ability to do it.