Appeasing the American Loudmouth

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5 Responses to Appeasing the American Loudmouth

  1. aPLWBinAK says:

    I'm offended by Liberal activists who are perpetually offended… it my right to have the Gubmint remove them from society?

  2. Patrick Chester says:

    The last time I stayed in a hotel room the Gideon Bible was tucked away in a drawer, available for anyone who wanted to read it.

    Not forced into people's hands.

    These atheists seem rather… insecure in their nonbelief, if they have to eradicate any hint of another view on Life, the Universe… EVERYTHING!!!

  3. Cowboy Logic says:

    Loudmouth's, like bullies, and spoiled, petulant children; or despotic dictators can rarely be appeased.

    (For what it is worth, some of you might remember Donlyn Turnbull from Andrews site. She made her first appearance, just about at the end. I have read her website, and it is interesting

  4. GaltFan says:

    I know someone like these people.

    If you go to his website (not recommended) he tells a story about how much he loved his deceased parents. He was dirt poor before they passed, and when his mother went he became an instant multimillionaire.

    So? Well, not surprisingly he is a liar. I was no more than 5 feet away when he related the deathbed story about how sad his mother was that she was dying. He said he was telling her all of the expected niceties, but in the back of his mind he was thinking "just f*cking DIE already b*tch!" How nice…

  5. onecornpone says:

    The rabid Left has lifted ACTIVISM to a level of zealotry never seen by Americans before. Their method is basically divide and conquer. They have formed a group to methodically destroy every single obstacle that could hamper them in their quest for total statism.

    Like the jihadis, they are patient, but persistent. Here we sit, watching them repeatedly attack everything we see as good and right, but we being INDIVIDUALS refuse to ban together to fight them. IMO, with such inaction, we are asking for our own defeat. At some point, one must join forces to fight a war.

    Time for TEA!!!