Top Dem Senators Have All Told Me Obama Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing – Horrified Democrat Senate Leaders

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17 Responses to Top Dem Senators Have All Told Me Obama Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing – Horrified Democrat Senate Leaders

  1. It took them this long to figure that out?

    • Billyb9 says:

      It's all the in-breeding that causes mental deficiencies in the elite political class. At least this proves that eventually they can come up with viable thought. Now let's go to the next big problem for them. If the country has $2, and then spends $3 trillion, how much is left?

    • goon48 says:

      They are saying it now when their political futures are at stake.

      • Nick Shaw says:

        Exactly, Goon!
        If they hadn't taken a drubbing (note the time frame Scab-orough is talking about!) and they weren't obviously losing (as they are today) they would have been happy as clams to just ignore Republicans. Just like they did in the first two years!
        They only talk about bipartisanship when they know they are going to lose. They don't really believe in it.
        The only time true bipartisanship exists is if there are Republicans in charge.
        This is a fact.

  2. Billyb9 says:

    Maybe the top Democrat leaders in the Senate ought to start campaigning for the ABO ticket, Romney. It'd be a real eye opener for anyone who blindly votes democrat, uh, just cuz we done it fer generations…

  3. ret_cpo says:

    These senators are in denial. Obama knows exactly what he is doing. They just don't want to either believe or admit that he is purposely leading the country down this path. What a bunch of losers!

    • keepdad says:

      You beat me to it.

      It would be one thing if Obama was an incompetent bumbling fool. It is quite another if he is a cunning subversive with an anti-American agenda. I'm convinced it is the latter.

      Top down, bottom up, inside out.

      • Deusexmachina says:

        Nobody can be that stupid, but history had shown us that they can be that evil…..

        • keepdad says:


          The inability of many people to confront evil really frightens me.

        • ret_cpo says:

          Actually, Deus, I think there are a few in the house that are that stupid. Hank Johnson, was afraid Guam would capsize if we put more marines on it and he was serious. That's pretty stupid!

          • Deusexmachina says:

            Well, my mentor did say, if you have to make an assumption regarding people you don't know, you can safely assume they are either stupid, lazy, or evil, and let them prove otherwise….

          • Deusexmachina says:

            and stupid people are as dangerous as the evil ones….

  4. LadyHawk says:

    he knows…he's just in a permanently choomed state.

  5. Joseph_of_Steel says:

    cloward piven.

  6. ChiTT says:

    "But, but, but, he wrote a book and was a professor…and he was president of the Harvard law review and, and, and he wrote a book."

  7. ret_cpo says:

    I wonder what it will take to make the republicans in congress to start accusing Obama of trying to purposely wreck the economy. The evidence is all there.

    What will the republicans in congress do when Obama finally wags the dog and declares martial law?

    Will any of them raise hell?