Sign at Intersection of M40 and Blue Star near Saugatuck, MI


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18 Responses to Sign at Intersection of M40 and Blue Star near Saugatuck, MI

  1. Deusexmachina says:

    There they go, confusing people with the facts…

    • WhoDuuuuhthunkit? says:

      : I'll have the #2 Whapomac meal with a large slurpie.

      : I'm sorry sir… We are all out of sh!t today…. Would you like to try a hot poker shoved up your azz instead?

  2. CHICAGO RALPH says:

    Green jobs…………………trillions

    Heeling the planet……….priceless ?

  3. Hank_Scorpio says:

    How long before someone starts screeching racism?

  4. Red47 says:

    There are those pesky bankruptcies.

  5. tiredofit2012 says:

    These should be on billboards on every major highway in America.

  6. Nick Shaw says:

    It's interesting. All the things Mitt worked with I find useful and I want occasionally.
    All the stuff Zero works with, meh.
    The sign is good and to the point. Campaign ads should be so good.

    • Deusexmachina says:

      One wonders if the McCain people in Romney's campaign will put a muzzle on Ryan like they did to Palin….

  7. chopper says:

    I don't have a tattoo…………but i think that would look beautiful on any part of my anatomy.

    In Black and White.

    is that racist?

  8. DB523 says:

    The statements on this billboard put up with private funds….

    The Chicago Teacher's Strike signs provided by taxpayer dollars…

  9. Taxpayer1234 says:

    BWAHAHAHA! That's just a few miles from where I used to live! LOLZ!

  10. Dwight Fry says:

    The group that funded the billboard is from the county I grew up in. :)

  11. ladykrystyna says:

    Great sign. Absolutely WONDERFUL! It's the kind of sign that makes "swing voters" go "Hmmmm".