For Democrats, Any Budget Is ‘Controversial’

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6 Responses to For Democrats, Any Budget Is ‘Controversial’

  1. mijowi says:

    Performing the duties that they have sworn to do when they took their oath of office is just as controversial.

  2. CHICAGO RALPH says:

    For years the Republicans have been winking their eyes at…….

    all forms of Democrat spending shenanigans.

    And now Ryan thinks that just by presenting a message………

    merely within the walls of the Capital,…………

    he can eradicate years of politician foolishness.

    Why don't I see all the Republican "stars" out there…….

    beating the drums for this budget proposal.

    Republicans, it's called PR….WIN THE PEOPLE.

  3. Red47 says:

    The Dems did see the part about the tax reductions. They just hate not having control of who gets what.

    I love it that they used the babytalk of the bratty little Leftists….the tax code is "unfair" waaaaaah.

  4. Oregontea says:

    The word budget is the new racist.

    It is the new ………….

    You pick.

  5. sourdough says:

    "The over-arching concept of the Republican tax reform plan is fairness. That implies everyone should pay taxes and that everyone should be treated equally under the tax code."
    YES! Is it fair that an estimated 47% of Americans pay no tax at all? Is it fair that i, a member of the 53% that have "skin in the game", pay for the services that the 47% use and abuse? The current tax code PROMOTES tax evasion and fraud.
    A flat tax will have its problems, initially, however it puts ALL of us citizens on a level playing field and DEFINES "we the people"