A judicial lynching

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8 Responses to A judicial lynching

  1. HPD says:

    The race hustlers won't be happy until Zimmerman swings from a yardarm
    during a media necktie party..
    Stay in jail, George.. you'll be somewhat safer from the race hustlers, the mediajackals, and BlackPanthers, but not the politically correct "law"…

  2. ret_cpo says:

    I agree that the charges are definitely politically motivated.

    I really don't see how this guy goes to prison. There is only one side of he story to be told. Who is going to dispute it?

    Even, Martin's mother said she thought it was an accident, much to the dismay of her lawyer. Police reports are going to prove he was getting the crap knocked out of him. He may have a miserable existence and will definitely have to move to have any sort of life, but I don't think they will convict him.

  3. LibertyWriter says:

    The biggest problem here is are we going to indict people based upon public opinion? taking a poll? Holding a referendum? If the prosecution doesn't have squat, our justice system will have been hijacked.

    • Rebas Thgil says:

      Makes me wonder if Angela Corey is from Broward County. Or drinks too much of whatever is in the water there.

  4. Nick Shaw says:

    Has anyone even considered making a "Wanted Dead or Alive" poster for Shabazz, or whatever his name is, of the New Black Panthers? Wouldn't it be a wonderful opportunity to see exactly how Holder handles it?
    Just make up a crime we want to accuse him of. Better, just use the the crime he has committed, incitement to riot.
    It could be done anonymously, spread on the intertubez. Maybe a Youtube video, three guys holding the poster, wearing masks and saying Shabazz should be hunted down and brought to justice. The reward is we'll pay for any ammunition expended plus a couple of rounds for your trouble.
    Can't hurt, can it? ;-)

    • ret_cpo says:

      Actually, Nick, I did have that thought. Not that I considered doing it but what if someone did offer a reward for for Shabazz for arrest and conviction of the relevant crimes relating to his bounty. It would be interesting to see Holder's reaction to that. My guess he would just call it politically motivate BS.

  5. Stephen_Brady says:

    The other day, I went to my favorite gun shop to talk with the smith. I already knew that people are buying guns like crazy, right now, and I asked him if anyone explained why. Many of them are afraid of Obama, and many of them believe that widespread violence will erupt this November, if he's defeated.

    But the main reason is that they are afraid of the transplants from Chicago, that the state has moved into our county. The violent crime rate is climbing like crazy, in a county where most people didn't even lock their doors, a few years ago. The biggest problem with these transplanted folks is that they bring their kids with them, and that means the gangs.

    The poor local cops don't even know how to handle gang violence.

  6. tpalya says:

    This dude is definitely going to be nifonged.
    Isn't tyranny just peachy?