USA: ‘Rocket broke apart after launch’…

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38 Responses to USA: ‘Rocket broke apart after launch’…

  1. LibertyWriter says:

    No food and no launch.

  2. There ain't no such thing as a free launch.

  3. ★FALCON★ says:

    Here's the problem, if you can call it that – North Korea has been working with Iran on long range missiles. North Korea needed to show that a missile launched from Pyongyang could hit Japan – or a missile launched from Iran could hit Israel.

    So, I guess Israel could go ahead and hit Iran's nuke facilities with little repercussions. Israel's new Iron Dome has taken down 80 percent of all incoming missiles – and those that have not been struck down used telemetry to determine that they would fall in unpopulated areas. It's been a smashing success.

    Now – look at this – >,2933,117872,00.htm...

    This train crash / explosion included Iranian nuke experts. If you want to understand the world of rogues states, please read that link.

    • DB523 says:

      Hello Falcon. That was interesting….I read it, it is 2004, and looked at Google maps for a bit. The big thing I take away at the moment is the immense amount of "nothing" available, really…nothing. No interaction, no people, no roads, no nothing… just a couple of seriously "rogue" power brokers… Falcon, 3,000 possible dead and the solution was…cut the phone lines? Just wow.
      I'm up for more reading, thanks.

      • Rebas Thgil says:

        Guess they are too backwards to just put a switch in the lines….and too backwards to get an ICBM to work. Yea US! Hopefully it takes them longer to get back to the drawing board than it does for us to get some real leadership.

      • ★FALCON★ says:

        I could really blow your mind DB523. That entire area was wiped out and about 20 thousand people were killed. All for the sake of Rogue Statism.

        Wanna see something incredible?

        Check this –

        If I have one wish in this world – while on the physical plane – it is to see these people freed and their captors executed. It's my dream to free the people from servitude.

        • DB523 says:

          I had run across the gulag children before… I love PJMedia (I subscribe). If you actually just look at the maps for a while, what is happening in North Korea becomes even less understandable. This should be a vibrant, productive spot in the world…and it is not. And you are correct…there is only one solution.

          The information about the amount of biologicals stockpiled there is chilling.

    • Nick Shaw says:

      You would think the US or somebody has satellite photos of a blast radius as big as reported, eh Falcon?
      I wonder what they show? We know we have them.

  4. Petroglyph says:

    3 words……….

    Made in Korea.

  5. ChiTownTom says:

    Lil' Kim is firing blanks…

  6. Stephen_Brady says:

    First, there was the "Great Leader".

    Next, there was the "Dear Leader".

    Now, there's the "Chubby Leader" … who reminds me something of a blowfish.

    Failure to launch would have been sweet, but breaking up is just as good.

  7. ret_cpo says:

    The very first launch of a Tomahawk Cruise missle from a surface ship didn't make it beyond the horizon, but something was learned from that failure.

    These goons will keep trying.

  8. Cowboy Logic says:

    Sorry folks.
    I've been chuckling to myself about this since yesterday.

    I wonder if Kim the Younger has released a statement yet?

    I am sure he will blame it on State Saboteurs, and anyone connected to the un-launch will have their heads lopped off.