Residents of State Street Condo Told To Leave Chicago During NATO Summit

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11 Responses to Residents of State Street Condo Told To Leave Chicago During NATO Summit

  1. Nick Shaw says:

    And the Blackhawks flitting hither and yon have absolutely nothing to do with the summit.
    Like I said before, pull the other one.

  2. R_Swift says:


  3. The stench alone would convince me to leave.

  4. DB523 says:

    Ok, this is the perfect article for my very favorite soap box…warning, opinion forthcoming…

    Pete Seeger, is a flaming communist, in case you were unaware, from Wiki; "In 1936, at the age of 17, Pete Seeger joined the Young Communist League"

    Now "Little Boxes" is a very famous song, and it taps right into the "I'm better" vein (dare I say canyon) in human nature.

    Why I start with the above is that many people, nice conservative people, will often be heard to comment on "trailer trash" or "tornado magnets" or "ticky tacky houses." IMO this is wrong most often through ignorance not elite malice.

    People often can be manipulated using 'it's trashy" or "it's tacky" to define say an area of "private" property that is under consideration for eminent domain….for the "greater good" of course…. to "clean up" all that trashyness.

    So you get a whole small community, of small individual privately owned "trashy" houses/trailers, re-zoned for "much nicer" condominium development, eminent domain-ed if they put up a fight.

    And what that does, besides getting Uncle Joe on the Zoning Board's Nephew a nice large development gig, is to condense that multitude of "ownership" of property into ONE owner with "air rights" leaseholders. Yes, condo "OWNERS" all you "own" is air….not property.

    And then all those "air" owners….can get "notices" from the "management" about what "they need to do" "for their safety" of course….

    So the next time you start to say "trailer trash" or "Tornado magnet"…just remember each one represents the true power of The United States private property ownership…. just saying…..IMO.

    • Red47 says:

      Ticky tacky houses like McMansions, there Petey?

      I remember hearing this as a jr. high girl and thinking this guy was too bored with his life and needed to work for a living.

    • Hobbes says:

      And… most of those "trailer trash" people or "ticky tacky houses" are owned by folks who would rather live there then ask the Government to "house" them … just saying! :-) ;-)

  5. Markg55 says:

    Flaming tarballs off the patios are in order…….okay a little extreme……….perhaps water balloons filled with Mr Clean or Frebreze.

  6. Red47 says:

    They could stay home and protect themselves with their shotguns. Oh wait…did someone say it's Chicago? They are toast.

  7. EOD says:

    Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety

    -Benjamin Franklin

  8. Taxpayer1234 says:

    Cook up some bratwurst, toss them overboard, and tell the crowd they're dog legs!