French voters disillusioned…

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3 Responses to French voters disillusioned…

  1. Red47 says:

    Poor France. Poor all of us.

  2. onecornpone says:

    Do we care whether France elects a socialist? The answer is probably YES, since I'm sure they will need some sort of monetary infusion, that is only possible by U.S. sending them bucket-loads of cash… Won't lil' o be so thrilled to accommodate? :-I

  3. Oregontea says:

    Leave it to the French to be politically clueless yet again.

    Their economy is in tatters due to joining the EU and adopting socialist values. They now have a moderate socialist in office and will go all the way left next.

    They will see what real pain is like when the rest of the other peoples money runs out.

    Then, it will be "off with their heads" and rightly so.