Stratfor/Wiki: Bin Laden not buried at sea, taken to Dover DE

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  1. Petroglyph says:

    I wonder how many people still trust the Government to tell us the truth? I don't know of any, but then I don't associate with Politicians.

    • Petroglyph says:

      OT: I just witnessed one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. A meteor came streaking across the sky, little bits falling off of it, as bright as the sun and hit the mountain side about 1/2 mile from me.

      I have never seen anything like that.

      • ★FALCON★ says:

        Two points –

        1. You just solved that national energy crisis.

        2. Go see if you gather up the fragments – those are worth alot of money.

        • Petroglyph says:

          I'm still amazed. It looked like a giant Roman candle being shot down from the sky. I have a really nice metal detector I use for other searches up here and it will work on that, but there is also so much old trash in the ground from the old time miners that it makes it pretty difficult to find anything.

          Worth a try though. Wow, simply wow.

          • ★FALCON★ says:

            Those fragments can be worth a thousand dollars per gram. If it just hit you should be able to see some areas where they are still smoking from the friction of entering the atmosphere.

            Good Luck.

          • JohnK144 says:

            That's very cool. I'd imagine that your metal detector has a good discriminator, that would help.

            But you got me thinking about the new terahertz scanners that are supposed to be available for new cell phones that can "see through walls."

            Wouldn't it be cool if they incorporated that technology into metal detectors?

      • Tanks,Sherman says:

        Hey Petro: get the ach eee double L over there with your metal detector and pick up the frags. Depending on the type, they are worth a ton and you could name the meteor site! ^^

        • Petroglyph says:

          "Arm Chair Patriot meteor site" or "F.O.B.O." are my choices.

          • Tanks,Sherman says:

            ACP strewn Field. I like it, has a ring to it.

            By the way, any meteorite freshly fallen will be easy to spot, whether lying on the surface or imbedded. An opportunity few get. I wish that I were there with you. Good luck!

      • Roger says:

        You know of course, it was due to the previous administration.
        "Bush's fault"!

      • Oregontea says:

        Boy, if you can find it, that will be a really big score.

        My friend found one that landed on the family farm in Iowa and it was about 40 lbs. (i have held it) and it is worth a small fortune. He was lucky in that it was winter and it melted the snow back a bit and was easy to find.

        That was a once in a lifetime thing you saw today. Extremely rare, especially in daylight.

        Congrats, something to remember.

      • AZVick says:


      • Red47 says:

        Mine THAT!

        How very cool!

  2. ★FALCON★ says:

    I read this piece about a two months ago when WikiLeaks brought it out the new cables. It makes more sense than anything Obama and his ridiculous admin have said on the matter.

    No matter what Obama says on any matter – I believe the opposite.

  3. Heza Nidiot says:

    I'm as willing as anybody to believe that Junta Uuhhbama lied about this, too… that is, until reading that it was released by Anonymous and WikiLeaks, both of which are magnitudes less trustworthy. Just because they say the emails are real doesn't make it so. Faking messages so as to throw more monkey wrenches around would be entirely within character for this gaggle of circus clowns.

    • Roger says:

      We're stuck with two lying good for nothing dirt bags as sources.

      Can't we just come to our own conclusions?

      • ★FALCON★ says:

        Not sure how you're considering Anonymous and WikiLeaks the actual sources Rog. Perhaps the messenger. All they did was steal the State Department's cables and publish them.

        I'm still waiting for the nuke file.

        • Roger says:

          Oh yeah, that file…

          I'm sorry but anything 'released' by wikileaks this long after they have known he spills the beans I have to wonder if it was planted for him to leak it.

          With this administration you simply can't expect anyone that's anyone to tell anything close to the truth.

          • ★FALCON★ says:

            I consider that a valid concern – however, all of the cables I have read – which is as many as time would permit – are all about the dubious acts of Democrats. The majority were Democrats stabbing allies in the back and their normal ridicule.

            Not sure how this benefits Democrats – or their world wide network of socialists and communists.

            • Roger says:

              I dealt with someone wiring money to Pakistan about two months after the OBL take down. He had a staffer who went to that village in Pakistan for a wedding and sent him pics of the area. There was no OBL house as described. She told him that her father went out that next day at her suggestion and talked to people, no one heard copters, firefights… nothing.

              I was not surprised to hear that the 'pakistani government' was destroying the house. They're covering their tracks. If this is what they're 'leaking' then the truth must be so much worse and more embarrassing. That's the only reason they'd bother with this.

              How bad? That's the question. But it's bad enough that Pakistan is giving us the bird now on the tribal areas.

              • ★FALCON★ says:

                Not sure if you caught this today – wonder what the hell's going on here. I've been following the story all week – and now Obama is involved.

                • Nick Shaw says:

                  I don't know if it's really that remarkable that Zero knew so soon, Falcon.
                  The man did, after all, walk into a US consulate to tell his story.
                  And a pretty darn big story it is!
                  In any other society it just might herald a big shakeup.
                  Zero's people probably thought just that and got it to him quickly.
                  Nevertheless, it does certainly bear watching how the Chinese handle this! There is enough discontent that it could spark something major!

                • Roger says:

                  I had read some watered down filtered accounts, but nothing like this.

                  Thanks for the link!

                  They play for keeps, don't they?

                • ★FALCON★ says:

                  Rog – I have been following this for a few weeks – it goes back to an alleged attempt to over throw the government. A friend and I were discussing it and couldn't believe it didn't make the news. This was about three weeks ago.

                  Bo Xilai is alleged to have attempted to over throw the communist party with the help of the military. This is where I picked up the story a few weeks ago. There was a supposed internet black out on it and it seems to have happened 10 days before I heard about.

                  Now fast forward to the last week or so – all of a sudden his wife was having an affair with Neil Heywood – and early in the week – they even had the hotel pictured where the affairs took place.

                  Now, in the last day or so she is alleged to have been involved in a plot to steal 800 million and blow up a plane (the plane crash actually happened) and somehow Neil Heywood is involved and now you have Obama being briefed before the British Foreign Secretary.

                  Also – the Chinese will be going through a once every ten years power change. Thought I would mention that.

                • Roger says:

                  I've been thinking about it. The account I read connected her to some corruption.
                  Something along these lines.

                  It seems I can't find the story I read, and frankly that's not missing much. But it was trying to draw connecting lines between the real estate bubble and how the local powers were going to be held accountable for it from the policy people in Bejing.

                  There was clearly going to be push back, and his attempt would have fit that scenario.

                  Our media keeps playing China as the inflappable giant, if we were led by the right kinds of people they wouldn't be such a threat to us.

                • ★FALCON★ says:

                  Rog – I also read about her alleged corruption. I could probably find it – but it doesn't really matter since we both recall it. I bet we'll see some new "facts" this week.

                  Should I find anything note worthy I'll "O/T" it.

                  Interesting none the less – considering this is Obama's model of the future.

                • Roger says:

                  I found another story on this, from a slightly different angle.

  4. Cali4niaPatriot says:

    I still believe Benazir Bhutto knew the truth about Bin Laden and I'm not really buying any other version. She predicted her assination over this information, speaks with conviction and appears to be on the side of good.

    She is describing exactly what we as Americans are facing. There is no way the Obama Admnistration doesn't know what's up. Hear the discussion of the BS that is coming from our National Security Council spokesman. I think you can skip to 5:00 mark and still get the information as it gets to 8:00 mark

  5. Nick Shaw says:

    Seriously, does anyone believe OBL's whole body was dumped into the ocean?
    Sure, that happened.

  6. so obama lied. again.

    I am shocked. Like the time I sprayed deodorant on my face while welding the struts on my car next to the gas station.

    • DB523 says:

      I am really trying to wrap my mind around your scenario there… is a challenge… the O lied thing, not so challenging.

  7. ladykrystyna says:

    Are we sure OBL is even dead? Could Obama have made some kind of a deal with him, to make him look good?

    Remember when the news came out – how many Leftists were saying that we didn't need another election because of it.

    Like the rest of you – I don't believe anything that comes from this regime.

  8. winstonlabrador says:

    Take your meds.