Dueling attack ads…..Fido: “Don’t eat me Mr. Obama”

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82 Responses to Dueling attack ads…..Fido: “Don’t eat me Mr. Obama”

  1. Cali4niaPatriot says:

    I thought Obama said the war on Terrior was over?

  2. Deusexmachina says:

    It was only a matter of time before this election went to the dogs….

    Well, if I were one, I know who I'd vote for…

  3. JohnK144 says:

    What? Romney "strapped his dog to the roof of his car?"

    Gives you the image of Fido's little legs tied to the luggage rack. Now, I wouldn't even strap the KENNEL to the roof of my car, but at least they should try to be accurate with the (non) story.

  4. Lanna says:

    Obama speaks (ruff) in Boulder, CO tonight — a city just to the east of the Rockies and far west of reality. There are no dog 'owners' in Boulder, they are dog 'guardians' (by law). Many restaurants welcome dogs (but not as a menu item). I think there's even a restaurant specifically for dogs. Will the dog-loving Boulderites welcome the Dog Eater? Probably.

  5. I'd rather be on the roof of a car than the roof of a mouth.

  6. Cowboy Logic says:

    Apparently the First Pooch is missing. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2012/04/2...

    Nobody has seen the mutt since January.

    • JohnK144 says:

      Thank you, CL. Your link here led me to some entertaining comments. So with that, I'll offer a top ten list.

      Top Ten Comments on obama's Dog Cuisine

      10. 2012 Campaign slogan —- "A Dog In Every Pot"

      9. "No Sir, that's the DNC Chair, not a poodle. Put the utensils down."

      8. "Now we know what happened to the Blue Dog Democrats"

      7. "Beagle and lox with cream cheese"

      6. "Obama likes a mixture of Bull Dog and Shih Tzu. It allows him to maintain a high level of Bull Shihtz."

      5. "Pardon me. Do you have any Greyhound Poupon?"

      4. "Eggs Rover Easy."

      3. "Michael Vick went to jail for what?"

      2. "My dog ate my homework. Then obama ate my dog."

      And the number one comment:

      1: "Then they introduced me to Michelle……..(tough)"

    • 4arepublic says:

      Good to see you again. My first day here and it is enjoyable. Thanks.

      • Cowboy Logic says:

        Good to see you too.
        I have missed your wit, and your commentary.

        So you decided to jump ship, and join the crew here at the HMS Bounty?

        • 4arepublic says:

          I found with the passing of Andrew, that the site lost its focus and there seemed to be a sudden drop off in quality of content, but that is just my personal view. It seems like navigating the bigs became the equivalent of playing a pinball machine rather than finding meaningful info. I guess, in my increasingly old age, I prefer simplicity. It feels like home, here.
          Thanks for all you do, CL.

          • Cowboy Logic says:

            Personally, I believe that those back there, on Staff, are living in fear.

            Fear of Obama.

            Nobody will convince me otherwise.

            Slowly, one by one, I look for them all to leave.

    • winstonlabrador says:
  7. Whats_Up says:

    LMFAO …so who wins here – the one with the dog on his car top or the one who actually EATS DOG ?

    PETA …time to step up to the "plate" – whom will you eat?

    • Cowboy Logic says:


      They eat their own.

      • ★FALCON★ says:

        Now we know where those State dinners are coming from –

        According to records from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, PETA killed 1,911 cats and dogs last year while placing just 24 in adoptive homes. Since 1998, a total of 27,751 pets have died at the hands of PETA workers.

        And to think Washington DC wanted to ship all their rats to Virginia – I now understand why. Mama Robinson has a voodoo grill and kitchen in the Royal residence.

        • Cowboy Logic says:

          I am curious.

          Cow is beef.
          Calf is veal.
          Pig is pork.
          Deer, elk, antelope, moose etc is venison.

          What in hades is dog?

        • Hobbes says:

          Yep, you give your pet to PETA because for whatever reason you can't keep them, that pet is dead before it leaves your driveway! They euthanize them as soon as they get in the PETA van! Care and protection … my ass!!

  8. ChiTownTom says:

    Drive on or drive thru…you decide.

  9. Don't taste me bro!

  10. onecornpone says:

    Do I remember a recent state dinner hosting S Korea's head of state?

    Could that be what happened to Bo?

  11. Red47 says:

    If PETA is stupid enough to put Romney on some kind of animal hater list, they are just that stupid.

    • Deusexmachina says:

      Truth is PETA has actually killed more animals than it's saved….

      The whole organization is a fraud….

  12. Tomtom29 says:

    When I read the headline, I just knew this thread would be a pun-o-rama.

  13. MegansDad says: