Eight PM Open Post – April 27, 2012

What are you thinking about this evening?

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  1. Billyb9 says:

    Yesterday I made this statement-

    I've been thinking- It's hard to get people to take you seriously when you don't present yourself as a serious person. Sooo For the next 24 hours I'm going to be serious

    But… Cowboy Logic, James Hudnall, and Barry Obama co-conspired against me. And I failed. After 22 minutes. (See President Obama, I’m getting pretty good with the blame game too!)

    I’m not one to give up so I’m here to try again. No. Seriously. I know you’ve heard it all before, but this time I’m going to make 24 hours.

    Now I’m going to lock myself in my room.

  2. NotKennedy says:

    I was thinking about how much better America would be if we had an entirely new Congress, a government where no one in office 10 years ago would still be there today. I wish there was a structure in the Constitution that would eliminate federal elected office as a career and make it impossible for an elected official to derive lifetime benefits as a result of having held elected office.

    • LadyHawk says:

      hey there, NotK! Greetings from Lexington :)
      great to see you here.

      • ladykrystyna says:

        Your screenname is my youngest daughter's Indian name. :-D

        • LadyHawk says:

          It is my daughters college team name (and patriotic?!)
          Love Indian guides and princesses–we did that with kids!

      • NotKennedy says:

        Morning LadyHawk! Which Lexington are your referring to, MA or KY? It is a beautiful spring-like morning in MA, albeit too cold my preferences. Makes for great sleeping weather though.

        • LadyHawk says:

          MA! :) Felt the same way this a.m.! It was more like a sunny October morning today. We've been spoiled!

  3. Red47 says:

    I was just thinking about myself. I am at 129. I had no idea. I am marveling at my longevity :)

  4. onecornpone says:

    As I do every evening, I wonder if Mitt took a good swipe at THE Current Occupant today… <sigh>


    • Red47 says:

      I have been wondering all day how he is fighting the good fight. I do love the "Cool" PAC ad.

  5. chopper says:

    It's getting pretty bad when british tabloid journalist are calling you out for being nothing but an absolute loser and lieing idiot. No offense to Toby Harnden.


  6. NotKennedy says:

    Dang near 21:30 at this longitude, the dog is snoring louder than me, think I'll call it time for rack-ops and see y'all in the light of day!

  7. Red47 says:

    Mean Michelle is the biggest hypocrite in the history of the world. She so hates the military that this has to be hard for her. They so desperately want to control everyone that she is willing to go into her version of hell.

    "First lady Michelle Obama will speak Monday at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Warrior Games, a competition for more than 200 wounded, ill and injured military members and veterans."
    Like Hezbollah providing help to the helpless, she knows she will lure some over with her apparent concern.

  8. Cowboy Logic says:

    What I'm thinking about now, is the topic we touched on earlier this morning.
    I have been out all day, and have had all day to think about this.
    The more I thought about it, the more I remembered.

    I came in and found this tonight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-6dO0SQB3U&fe...

    Ann Barnhardt lays out exactly the theft at MF Global, and how Jon Corzine stole in excess of one billion. She says it will be closer to three billion.

    She blows the lid off of this story.

    Mitt Romney needs to make this story the centerpiece of his campaign.
    It is a long video, but it will blow you away.

    Ann Barnhardt had better get some security, or she will end up with Andrew Breitbart.

    • onecornpone says:

      I agree, Mitt better move on this, or the Dems will find a way to use it against him. I know that is a stretch, since Corzine is a Dem, but I have the ultimate confidence in Azzlerod being able to massage it toward Mitt's former career.

      Hell they don't mind one bit throwing Corzine under the bus, at this stage…

      • Cowboy Logic says:

        I know you do not have good connectivity, and rarely watch or listen to a video.
        That woman Ann Barnhardt is on fire!

        If I had two platoons of women like her, I could take over the world.

        Incidentally, she is going to be in Canyon in June.
        You ought to go meet her. http://barnhardt.biz/

        • onecornpone says:

          I may look around for a transcript… or try to download it late tonight, after I'm through socializing.

          As you said, I hope she is "safe".

          • Cowboy Logic says:

            My personal favorite.

            She burns a Koran, bookmarked with bacon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZywKHSgwk8&fe...

            …….and she says at 2:58 into it "Allah is an evil Son of a Bitch and he can go to hell!"

            I love it!

          • R_Swift says:

            Here is what she has to say about the child labor farm bill,

            3. Which segues into the Obama regime's move to outlaw children working on farms and ranches. There are several motives for this. First, they want to eliminate the next generation of farmers and ranchers so that nationalization of all food production can be hastened and facilitated. Second, they want to force farmers and ranchers to hire and employ unionized labor, who will then effectively dictate how and what farmers and ranchers produce, and eventually drive them into insolvency and government takeover (see General Motors, et al). Third, they want to break the spirit of the young toward any desire to work, be productive or be independent. They want every single person to view work as something to be avoided at all costs, and total government support as the only "fair" lifestyle, to which they are "entitled".

            What is my response to all of this? It is very simple, and I am being as serious as pancreatic cancer when I say this:



            She reminds me of the fine ladies here, intelligent and not afraid to speak her mind.

        • onecornpone says:

          I may do just that. I assume at WT? I'm sure the Ama radio stations will be promoting the hell out of that.

          • Cowboy Logic says:

            Look on her webpage.
            It is her cattle brokerage seminar.

          • R_Swift says:

            A shortcut for you from her web page.

            POSTED BY ANN BARNHARDT – APRIL 2, AD 2012 2:13 PM MST
            I'm doing a somewhat "back-to-back" pair of Cornerstone Cattle Marketing Schools down in the Texas Panhandle in June. I'll do the Level 1 curriculum first, of course, on June 5-6 in Canyon, Texas which is just a few minutes south of Amarillo.
            I'll then do a Level 2 with Dr. Tom Noffsinger, also in Canyon on June 15-16. This will be a great opportunity to get both curricula LIVE and in quick succession. I especially recommend this for anyone in the cattle business who is concerned about how to be self-hedged in the cash market. I have always taught these concepts, but now more than ever the need to understand cash-market hedging is essential since the futures markets in Chicago are no longer safe, and are essentially a government-sanctioned confiscatory scheme.

            CLICK HERE TO ENROLL TODAY! http://www.cornerstonecattlemarketing.com/

            As a former commodities broker who has always understood the PROPER use of futures, and now as the only broker who truly understands that the futures are no longer a viable tool, an honest, hard-core curriculum in cash market self-hedging dynamics is utterly essential to cattlemen, and I am delighted to be able to present these concepts.

            Enroll for one or both schools today! Remember, in order to attend a Level 2 school, you MUST have completed the Level 1

        • Taxpayer1234 says:

          I do believe you have a mad crush on her! Tee hee!

          • Cowboy Logic says:

            Not really.

            But she sort of has reddish hair………..

            On a serious note, I just love it when younger folks stand up straight and tall, and speak out in a loud, clear voice and call a spade a spade.

      • Cowboy Logic says:

        Here Corn-
        Barnhardt speaks her mind about Mitt.
        I would vote for her.

        • R_Swift says:

          CL, did you read what she wrote about Ron Paul and his droids? Her April 17th post. Hilarious!

          • Cowboy Logic says:

            Missed it. Could you post it?

            • R_Swift says:

              1. These Ron Paul people just make me laugh now. Like clockwork, every time I say or write anything about Ron Paul and his islam-appeasing nonsense (like Iran should totally have nukes, because that's just "fair", and that if he had been president during WWII and knew of the Nazi "final solution" that was being carried out, he wouldn't have interfered and entered the US into the war) the emails flood in. And they are all the same. They all say "Ron Paul is not an anti-semite, and if you weren't such a Jew-loving Zionist stooge, you would know that." And then the cultic, crazy starts with the claims that Ron Paul is the one and only hope and salvation for the human race, and that I'll be eating crow here in a few weeks when Mitt Romney voluntarily steps aside and crowns "Dr. Paul" as the Republican candidate. In other words, many of these Paul people are completely delusional. Finally, I had one guy tell me that I should support Paul because "all of the college-aged kids support him." Uh, yeah. You know why? Because the mindless, degenerate little brats all want weed legalized. None of them could spell "fiat money" if you put a gun to their head.
              2. Which leads to a question: If Ron Paul is so great and virtuous, why hasn't he said anything about Obama's ineligibility? Hmmmmm? Additionally, Ron Paul, by continuing to serve as a member of the United States Congress, the same Congress that has not passed a budget in something like 1100 days, is himself in violation Article I, Section 9, Clause 7 of the Constitution by continuing to participate in a Congress which REFUSES to produce a budget. A person of true integrity and principle would have resigned in protest long ago. This applies not only to Paul, but to EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE HOUSE AND SENATE. It's called treason.

              • Cowboy Logic says:

                Thats great!

                Speaking of the Right, Reverend, Honorable, Good Doktor Paul, it amazes me, and I appreciate the fact that thus far, this Free Fire Zone is Paul-bot free………..

                • R_Swift says:

                  I have spent the last three hours reading her blog and following up on articles she references, she really is brilliant.

                • Cowboy Logic says:

                  In one of her videos I posted, she says she believes in physical commodities.

                  Corn, grain, cattle, oil, fuel.

                  Then she goes on to say "anything you can stand in front of and claim with an Assault Rifle".

                  Now I like the way she thinks.

                • R_Swift says:

                  ditto, and the way she acts! She has very good presence and is well articulated on her videos.

                • R_Swift says:

                  This is someone who should have been writing for Breitbart.

                • Cowboy Logic says:

                  She is someone who should be writing here.

                • R_Swift says:

                  My thought as well, she should at least be added to the links page.

                • Cowboy Logic says:

                  Give me a couple of days to work on it.
                  I can be very persuasive.

                • R_Swift says:

                  Great and at any rate it looks like she will see allot of traffic from here and we have many of her topics to discuss.

                • ChiTownTom says:

                  I might have inadvertently reached out to a few so don't count your chickens…


                • Cowboy Logic says:

                  Oh joy.

                • Billyb9 says:

                  Washington76's been around. Though he's not 'bot in the sense that we're used to, he certainly was gunnin' for him! Pleasant Paul supporters are appreciated I'm sure!

                • onecornpone says:

                  We had one "paul-bot" show up a couple of days ago, asking humbly for us to consider his qualifications.

                  Completely non-offensive!

                • Red47 says:

                  Qualifications for what?

                • onecornpone says:

                  Not quite sure Red… I wonder if they have some "illusion" that Paul might have a shot at VP.

              • onecornpone says:

                OMG… Ann Barnhardt for VP!!!

                • R_Swift says:

                  Check out the link for her blog corn and see if it will load for you, I think you two are cut from the same cloth.

                • Cowboy Logic says:

                  I don't think that'll happen.
                  She thinks Mitt is a blithering moron.

                  (as do I. Unfortunately, I believe in ABO)

                • R_Swift says:

                  On her April 4th post she references a site called Alt Market.com and an excellent article posted there called Understanding the Slave Mentality (in relation to tyranny), here is the first paragraph;
                  "In the initial stages of nearly every recorded tyranny, the saucer eyed dumbstruck masses exhibit astonishing and masterful skill when denying reality. The facts behind their dire circumstances and of their antagonistic government become a source of cynical psychological gameplay rather than a source of legitimate concern. Their desperate need to maintain their normalcy bias creates a memory and observation vacuum in which all that runs counter to their false assumptions and preconceptions disappears forever. It is as if they truly cannot see the color of the sky, or the boot on their face. The concrete world of truth becomes a dream, an illusion that can be heeded or completely ignored depending on one’s mood. For them, life is a constant struggle of dissociation, where the tangible is NOT welcome…"

                • Cowboy Logic says:

                  "the saucer eyed dumbstruck masses exhibit astonishing and masterful skill when denying reality."

                  Let the impact of that statement fully sink in, and read it several times.

                  She just described the electorate of 2008 more completely and succinctly than I could ever hope to .

                • R_Swift says:

                  Perfectly, and an image we all already had in our minds. The article was penned by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com.

                • Red47 says:

                  The power of the mind is very strong.

                • R_Swift says:

                  Yes it is and so many are oblivious to their own condition, it requires allot of effort and patience to break through.

                • Red47 says:

                  My dad used a belt.

                • R_Swift says:

                  As did mine, I can still hear the selection process taking place……………..

              • Taxpayer1234 says:

                I've said the same thing about Paul, but not nearly as well. Awesome!!!

        • Red47 says:

          That one made me sick about the future in Mittens' hands.

    • Billyb9 says:

      'pubs aren't going to say a darn thing about it.. Perhaps they don'tt wasn't to take responsibility in case the story doesn't pan out? I don't know- since John McCain, and then Boehner I've realized that Tea Party has aligned it's self with the party of no backbone.

      • Red47 says:

        We want our party back.

        • Billyb9 says:

          It's kinda hard to take the republicans seriously isn't it. I'm taking everything seriously. They just caught me on a good day…

      • onecornpone says:

        B9, I don't think the TEA Party "aligned" itself voluntarily with the party of no backbone

        I think the TEA reps got to DC in Jan 2011 full of vim and vigor, and were bitch-slapped by Boehner & Co's Freshman initiation of them and their ideals. Some of them may be lost forever to the RINO way of doing biz, but as we are able to increase their numbers I think many will step up to fight the RINO Elites and the LEFT, simultaneously.

        Perhaps I'm too optimistic… ;-I

        • Billyb9 says:

          Let's hope- better yet- let's pray you're right.

          Hey, an hour an a half I haven't slipped yet on this seriousness business. I'm seriously scared…

        • Red47 says:

          The way of life is that the old has to give way to the new. IT will take longer than I would like unless Obama goes one too far, too fast. This movie that the Bigs are putting out :"Occupied Unmasked" is going to at least start the wheels spinning in the minds of any salvageable Obots.

          We need to be as patient as Mohammed with his 6 year-old bride. Oh. More patient than…

  9. tiredofit2012 says:

    Had a meeting with a State Senator today…looks like we may get open carry here. He indicated the cop lobby is putting on pressure to stop it. Very interesting for sure.

  10. Holdmynose says:

    Today I spent many hours with Rembrandt van Rijn. Elevating.

    • Red47 says:

      Oooo. Envy. I finally got to go to the Art Museum on the National Mall with the Dutch Masters. It was amazing. I had never seen one that close. Every hare hair…
      Too bad I went with my neighbor who had to bring her kid who had inconvenient choices that were allowed to drive the whole dang visit. .

      • Holdmynose says:

        I am,was,am a painter and specialized in portraiture (commissioned work is less of a gamble). How Did Rembrandt make his portraits glow? It was nice to be somewhere quiet. I don't think it is wise or fair to take young children to a gallery, they see no difference between painted pictures or photographs. I know my 4 yr old granddaughter is unimpressed by the portrait I did of her Daddy when he was about six.

        • Red47 says:

          The light was fabulous in his work.
          I wish I knew more about art. It must be gratifying to be able to put onto a canvas what you can see in front of you.
          I had been trying to get over there for two years, and finally went just before we moved away. That was my favorite art exhibit that I had ever seen including Georgia O'Keeffe and Lichtenstein. There is a grand house here that has several originals by Toulouse Lautrec just hanging in the living room. They are interesting, but not to my taste.
          As for the museum trip, the kid was not too young. Homeschooled. She used to have him draw everything. She seems to lack some situational awareness. She has a good heart and means well, so we put up with each other.

          • Taxpayer1234 says:

            I was lucky to grow up a mere 20 minutes fom the Chicago Art Institute. Its Impressionist collection is awesome.

            • Red47 says:

              Cool. I was 20 minutes form the Smithsonian, but it was hard to go because of the kids' school schedule and those were the years that I was not very well. It was a wonderful opportunity. Most of my trips were to the Botanic Garden. The Indian Museum was great for food, of all things.

              • Taxpayer1234 says:

                The Indian Museum's food is impressive. And yummy! My mom lives 3 hrs. from DC, so a visit to her place always includes a DC excursion.

  11. Red47 says:

    Rassmussen today on Condi for veep:
    The latest national telephone survey finds that 66% of Likely U.S. Voters share at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Rice, with 32% who view her Very Favorably. Just 24% have a somewhat or Very Unfavorable view of her.

    • onecornpone says:

      I remember she came out a little defiant of the Right, in an i-view she did after leaving DC. We might want to think seriously about her true affiliation before jumping on that train… There is a lot I have forgotten, I'm sure.

      • Red47 says:

        I am not on the train. I am begging God not to let her on the ticket. She is brilliant. She is not Presidential or veep material. Sigh–Biden. I guess she is.

  12. I_Me_Mine says:

    This is what I'm thinking, and have been thinking, ever since 2008 when I realized (finally) that politics was something I could no longer ignore.

    All throughout 2009 and 2010 I felt helpless. Many of you may have as well, and may have awaken near the same time.

    The 2010 mid-terms showed that when "taxpayers" got out en masse at the polls, real change comes about. Look at what happened in governorships in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. Look at what happened in the state legislations, and especially the U.S. Congress.

    This was an historic election we all witnessed in 2010. And,
    I truly believe it happens again this year. Sleeping giants get po'ed after being rudely awaken.

    I know I am.

  13. ladykrystyna says:

    Because I may not have a chance to add this to the Open Threads over the weekend, I'm adding it here:

    I just finished watching Rumors of War 3. I've seen the other 2 as well.

    It's definitely something that keeps you up at night. I know the EMP thing definitely does. Gives me bloody chills. So did the part of the documentary that had that Arab guy talking about bringing in suitcases of anthrax through Mexican tunnels.

    How does one prepare for disasters when one does not have the financial means to do so?

    Question is – if Romney wins, will any of this change? Will he be like Reagan and laser focus on this threat and do the right thing?

    Or are we basically on this path to destruction and there isn't much we can do except hunker down and be prepared?

    • Billyb9 says:

      It's scary to think, but I concern myself with "man made disasters" more than I fear earthquakes.

      CA is a pretty slick place. With in a short driving distance of anywhere there's seemingly inaccessible hills that only the sharpest of locals know how to navigate. My wife and I are in agreement of where in those hills we are to meet at the first sign of hostilities. We live in a smaller agricultural town that wouldn't be the first concern of such an aggressor. I'm not too concerned for my well being, but I know my girls can get to safety pretty assuredly.

      • ladykrystyna says:

        Yeah, one reason why I like where I live right now in SoCal is that it's at the northern end of "civilization". It wouldn't take long to do exactly as you say – disappear into the wilderness. But I'm just worried about the EMP thing. Everything we have depends on computers and electricity. How the hell do you prepare for THAT?

        And it's funny that you and your wife have that planned out. My ex and I also had a similar plan. I can only assume that because we have the kids that the plan is much the same. We have our meeting point and we head out from there. We've had that plan ever since 9/11.

        • Billyb9 says:

          In my mom and dad's time that kind of thinking would have been considered crazy talk. Well to an extent I guess. At the time of the Cuban missile crisis the schools were doing drills where as if a nuke warhead were to be dropped upon our heads, the best line of defense was to hide under our desks. The EMP thing you mentioned would wipe out any of our sophisticated computerized cars ability to get us to the hills anyway. You just gave me another reason to get on rebuilding that classic this summer that Mrs. B9 has been dreading I'd bring home!

          It's good to hear you have an escape route, if it's still accessable. You're futher ahead than most Americans. Let's just hope, as the song states, God's grace is on thee. I know many Americans have turned away from God, but just as many have offered a stronger faith than ever before in previous generations. Pray we still have His blessings.