House Dem: Unemployed Will Vote for Obama to “Keep Their Benefits”

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30 Responses to House Dem: Unemployed Will Vote for Obama to “Keep Their Benefits”

  1. tiredofit2012 says:

    Well of course they will, what was it that girlie said, I won't have to pay for my gas/mortgage…if I help him he'll help me….or something to that nature…the handout generation rather than the hand-up generation.

  2. JohnK144 says:

    "those who have a job can credit the administration…………….."

    You got that folks? Your hard work? Your dedication? Your abilities? They mean nothing. You should send a note of praise and thanksgiving to the One. Without him, the entire country would be unemployed.

  3. Oregontea says:

    Most of the unemployed would rather have a job than meagre benefits.

    The best chance for a job is a strong economy.

    The best chance of a good economy is getting rid of obama.

    So, good luck with your plan, it will backfire like the rest of your policies.

    • R_Swift says:

      If the rest of those illegal aliens would go back home wages would naturally rise and more jobs would become attractive to those on unemployment. Right now I see allot of $10-$12 an hour ads for journeyman carpenters with their own tools and many of them are 1099 and self insured or exempt. What a joke.

      • Oregontea says:

        Top unemployment in my state is about 2k a month. Now why would aperson take a 1600 a month job before taxes and give up 2k? Sad stateof affairs indeed.

      • LostinOregon says:

        I was one of those as I worked my way up to General Contractor and I agree with you 100%. Without giving too much away, a little paranoia shining through, I have changed my business model. What class of "unemployed" are those of us that have fallen off the "grid"?

        • Origanalist says:

          There is a whole lot of off the grid folks out there. For plenty of us it's the only option. I myself am still struggling through above board, barely. It's almost impossible to stay legal in construction these days.

          • LostinOregon says:

            I have a lot of respect and empathy for your struggle. Just to be clear, I am legal and licensed by the state, but somehow manage to "lose" money every year. I will NOT be complicit with the same thing that I rail against, the invasion of illegals into our industry. I operate at the same price point level as the rest of my competion because I can go broke just as easily on the golf course as breaking my back working.

            • Origanalist says:

              I will not hire illegals, the name of my company starts with the word American. As such as you undoubtedly know, that puts me at a disadvantage. As a result, I end up doing most of the work myself because to do the job for the prices being paid I would lose money paying employees.
              I found a niche where this is possible, but for how much longer I don't know.

              But I would rather go under then join in the destruction of America.

              • LostinOregon says:

                Right on, brother. Good luck to you…..

                • Origanalist says:

                  By the way I'm just north of you in WA. so we're fighting an almost identical fight.

                  I need to remember how to keep up with posts on this system, it's been a while.

                • LostinOregon says:

                  I was born and raised in Edmonds. My family is still there, on Camano and PA on the penninsula. It's still pretty rough up there, I hear.

  4. Lanna says:

    So he said this yesterday and today new unemployment numbers come out showing an increase. Proof positive that closing your eyes and wishing really, really hard doesn't work.

    • JohnK144 says:

      The actual number of unemployed has risen every single month since the charlatan took office.

      Only the equations have changed to protect the guilty.

      • R_Swift says:

        Now pull the other one Chaka Fatta . On Drudge this morning, "More Americans than projected file for unemployment claims" and "Employers add just 120,000 jobs, lowest since October".

        • JohnK144 says:

          Yeah, I also noticed a little change in terminology. It's no longer "unemployment claims rose UNEXPECTEDLY." Now it's "More Americans than projected file for unemployment claims."

          Almost makes me forget that the "experts" are a bunch of morons.

          • DB523 says:

            Oh, thank you for the clarification… I thought it was unemployment "benefits," so the going "up" would be a good thing.

      • Lanna says:

        So true. And they don't count all 'U' categories, they drop those who have phased out of benefits, and move as many as possible (3.1 million, I heard) from the unemployment rolls to the disability rolls.

  5. BronxZionist says:

    I mean, just wow.
    Its not like conservatives and such have not been saying that very thing for years.
    Its not like there's an axiom about democracy lasting until people realize they can vote themselves money from the common pool.
    No, this putz has to go and say it directly.

    Good job.

    • JohnK144 says:

      No doubt.

      By the end of summer, I expect that every unemployment check sent out will come with a notification that if you don't vote for barry, this may be your last check.

    • DB523 says:

      happy sigh… "putz" does sorta say it all…. do you think some one higher up the chain authorized him to say that? Or is his mouth on auto like DNC Poodle lady?

  6. LostinOregon says:

    I made it through 42 seconds of this pap. The same thing happens every time I attempt to watch the psychos at MSNBC. To think that people watch this BS and take it as rote is beyond me. But they do. It is time to re-visit defamation, liable and slander laws.

    • Petroglyph says:

      Funny you mention that. The same thing happens to me with Pelosi. I've never made it more than the amount of time it takes me to knock over the chair, step on the cat and spill my drink looking for the damn mute button.

      • LostinOregon says:

        That's the same thing that I do now, except the cat is in fact a dog (not an Obutthead fan). Good thing I know how to patch sheetrock and have enough money for the new flat screen. Now I keep everything in my gun safe or next to my bed….

      • ladykrystyna says:

        Okay, that just made me laugh out loud. I can't listen to Pelosi or Biden or Obama or the Wookie, or pretty much any of them because I just can't take the spin and the lies.

  7. Red47 says:

    This guy is brilliant. How bold are they to be saying these things out loud? They cannot kook out the opposition if they keep spilling the beans on everything.