A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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30 Responses to A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  1. Whats_Up says:

    I will NOT Comply !!! They can kiss my grits and I will fight to the bitter end.

    • ladykrystyna says:

      I'm right there with you!

      I WILL NOT COMPLY! I am not only an American, I am a human being and I have unalienable rights that have been granted to me by the Creator.

  2. dcase says:

    love the razor wire angled IN rather than out.

    Same thing at the Denver International Airport. Lovely FEMA camp in Texas, all refurbished and ready to go. Nice playground for the kiddies. Ringed with concertina wire all angled IN.

    Not keeping folks out but keeping them in. A telling tale, indeed…

    • Petroglyph says:

      Morning brother.

      Figured you'd appreciate this for what it is.

    • Deusexmachina says:

      Well, with a Communist in the Whitehouse, why would we be surprised that they're building gulags?

      • dcase says:


        They are family centers made for fun and recreation, and the guard towers and razor wire are there for their own protection, can't you see? They don't want to escape- they just might 'wander away'…

        • Deusexmachina says:

          I'm glad my father isn't alive to see this….

          I've already heard about his own fun days at the camp…..

  3. Oregontea says:

    I hear it is just lovely in the summer.

    Plenty of security and even a meal every other day. If you work, that is.

    And what large bread ovens they are installing. Why, they could bake loaves as big as three people, all at one time.

    Transportation provided free of charge by buffett and his railroad.

  4. ★FALCON★ says:

    I want to know why one the of DHS / FEMA purchase records calls for 300,000 box cars. And why the some cars seem to have medical units and shackles.

    Seems like over-kill, no pun intended.

    Either way – maybe once word leaks out – the elites will be enjoying a first class trip to Club FEMA.

  5. Red47 says:

    Why brought to you by Halliburton?

    (Halliburton –two Ls– is in my spell check dictionary, but so many more common ones are not. ?)

  6. LostinOregon says:

    My four favorite words. And I'm ready to use them!

  7. ChiTownTom says:

    FEMA…I love the smell of mold in the morning! It smells like dependency…

  8. Red47 says:

    Maybe when they line people up to go in, FEMA will have forgotten to pass out the keys to these abodes.

  9. I_Me_Mine says:

    Speaking of FEMA (brought to us by the best and brightest in gov't.), while driving north on I-59, about 30 miles or so into Mississippi, there lies the graveyard for FEMA trailers fo' the "vunables" after Katrina.
    1000's of them. Rotting in the sun.

  10. Awakened_in_GA says:

    Good morning Petro… ;>)

    The Army's going to need a hellva lot of those newly recruited Internment/Resettlement Specialists
    http://www.goarmy.com/careers-and-jobs/browse-car... …

    Thanks…This reminds me that I meant to join OathKeepers as an associate member… It's on to To Do List!

    • Petroglyph says:

      That's been up for a while, maybe they are having a hard time filling the positions?

      • Deusexmachina says:

        They're expecting a lot of the returning military to fill those positions….

        • Awakened_in_GA says:

          I hope Comrade Barry's despicable treatment of our troops will keep them from signing on… that and joining OathKeepers!

          Unfortunately, that leaves the 1.5 million gang members who supposedly have infiltrated every level of the military… But then, these crafty ba$tards have proven to be pretty good at advanced planning – so maybe, this was baked in long ago!… a part of his new SS…

          • Deusexmachina says:

            Remember, way back, when I said the these Progressive vermin have infested every facet of our society?

            This plan of their's wasn't just hatched yesterday…..

      • Awakened_in_GA says:

        … 'maybe they are having a hard time filling the positions?' …

        Lord, let's hope so!…. I think finding out about the recruiting of Internment/Resettlement Specialists is one of the most disturbing things I've come across this year… especially since it seems to be a puzzle piece that fits so horrifyingly well amongst all the other horrifying sh*t that going on, and again, especially since the pace of everything is alarmingly accelerating…

  11. spaceracer423 says:

    Im sure they're thinking:
    "I hear Gitmo is nice this time of year."
    "I wish I had the same rights as a terrorist."

  12. onecornpone says:

    In Texas news a couple of weeks ago there was a mention of "refugee camps" that will be set up north of the Mx border, to house Mexicans who will be fleeing near war conditions in the northern states of Mx soon. Evidently Mexicans don't have the ability to travel south to seek safety…

    So many votes… So little time…

  13. Washington76 says:

    Romney and Obama side by side comparison! You be the judge!

  14. tiredofit2012 says:

    Here's a pic that'll scare ya…

  15. Awakened_in_GA says:

    Washington76… I usually thank you for your very informative links… and I do again… except this one gave me such a headache and sense of foreboding… a veritable gloom & doom redux (a la McCain/Dole/etc)… that I think I'll go take a nap!

    Romney and Obama – pretty damn close to two sides of the same coin… the only difference being I don't think/know if Romney is a Marxist… but then this 'side-by side' sure makes him look creepily like a Progressive – which of course is Commie-Light!

    Lord help us….

  16. LadyHawk says:

    Washington76! Help! I won't sleep tonight!