HHS Sebelius Forced to Admit Total Constitutional Ignorance of Health Mandate Legal Issues

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12 Responses to HHS Sebelius Forced to Admit Total Constitutional Ignorance of Health Mandate Legal Issues

  1. Cowboy Logic says:

    I have not hear much from Kathleen Sebelius since the fall of 2009.

    Back when she told US that WE were ALL going to die from the flu.

    • 4arepublic says:

      That "flu" thing is code word for the cause of death from abortion at PP. Sebelius was just trying to be real folksy about it.

    • Red47 says:

      And she showed all of the ignoramuses that we are, how to properly cough into the elbow. I think, CL, that she singlehandedly stopped the spread of the deadly disease just by teaching us all that maneuver.

  2. DB523 says:

    Yea! The smart people are crumbling…. they have been telling us, repeatedly, how very smart they are, the smartest people in the room…. Yea! … the ignorance, and arrogance buoyed up by it, is showing up in spades …. all we needed were just a few actually educated individuals, reported by even a small number of brave souls, and the puss is leaking out all over the place….

    Go Trey Gowdy Go.

    My most gracious thanks to Navy Gentleman and the Blue Lines for bringing us such an excellent example of individual excellence over The Borg.

  3. chopper says:

    Oh my…………..she looked really unprepared for that dressing down…………….actually, i think she feels really "exposed"………..as in………………………… bare azz naked!

    do you think she "knows who won"?

    She don't need no stinkin' costitution…………..

    • Cowboy Logic says:

      The next time she shows up for sex, perhaps she will wear a bustier, garter belt, stockings and stiletto pumps.

      He sure gave it to her.

  4. JeffWRidge says:

    Oh, I like Congressman Gowdy. That is how you take on a lefty.

  5. Oregontea says:

    Gowdy sure knows his stuff. His grilling of Holder was epic and now Sebilius really makes me smile.

    He is one good egg.

    We need many more like him on the hill.

  6. The ignorance is strong in this one.

  7. Red47 says:

    Perhaps she can type and will have a nice career as an executive secretary. She can organize and manage, but she won't have to know anything about law