Bloomberg vows quick response…

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22 Responses to Bloomberg vows quick response…

  1. dcase says:

    and maybe the OWS movement can get the violent encounter they so desire courtesy the NYPD.

    A nice 'police riot' like the Walker commission called the Chicago police reaction in Billy Ayers' last iteration of 'Days of Rage' in 1968 would suffice. Help them get the Panthers and the SDS/weathermen back out in the street and breaking windows, burning cars.


    Ah, yes- one can see it all now. It didn't work for them in '68. They've been waiting 44 years for another crack…

  2. Tomtom29 says:

    This is gonna be good. I'll make some popcorn and wait for the entertainment. I hope they show that vid of that punk that taunted the cops with a doughnut on a string. That should be required viewing while the cops are waxing their batons and recharging their tasers and pepper spray. If it gets really bad bring out the giant microwave.

  3. Leauxryda says:

    “People have a right to protest. We will protect that right. They don’t have the right to disrupt other people,” Bloomberg said.

    Ahhhh, did you clear that statement with the Obama administration, Mr. Bloomberg? Because last I looked, the adminstration DOES believe protestors have a right to disrupt other people……

    • Deusexmachina says:

      The little twerp talks tough, but I'm sure he's given the NYPD ROE regarding treatment of the leaders of the mobs…

      • Leauxryda says:

        He talks tough now that phase 1 of the protests have passed…..didn't have much to say first go round……

        He'll probably have the leaders picked up and dropped off a couple blocks down, leaving them with a day bag consisting of a gallon of water, energy bars, 2 joints and a half-dozen condoms……

  4. ChiTownTom says:

    Poor New York…they won't get rid of the smell of BO and bong water for months.

  5. CHICAGO RALPH says:

    A friend from my old south side neighborhood,……

    as a Local 1 ironworker, connected the last beam on the Sears Tower.

    And just now I saw (on FOX) a couple of ironworkers connect the column……

    that officially made The World Trade Building the tallest building in NY.

    But tomorrow will be the really big story that will come out of the Big Apple this week………???????????

    What a country (sigh).

    • Taxpayer1234 says:

      I used to work for an industrial construction company in Chicago that served all the steel mills. Ironworkers are a breed apart–crazy and hardworking, indeed. In the hierarchy of crazy, the pipefitters and boilermakers are way up there, too. But at the very top of the crazy heap were the explosives guys. Blowing up a building from a quarter-mile is one thing; setting charges to deline a blast furnace is another thing altogether.

  6. Markg55 says:

    Well I'll be in Queens tomorrow, a few of my coworkers will be in Manhattan. I'll let you know how it turns out.