Gingrich officially suspends campaign

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19 Responses to Gingrich officially suspends campaign

  1. JohnK144 says:

    No matter who you supported in this primary, you have to see the similarity to the '08 primary. Back then it was Huckabee knocking off Romney to deliver us McCain.

    This year it was Santorum knocking off Newt to deliver us Romney.

    The real difference is that Romney isn't a doddering old fool, like McLame.

    • dcase says:

      correct on all counts.

      While the process was the same the outcome may not be. There is little doubt that Romney is not a better candidate than McCain, who if not for Bob Dole might've been the worst in GOP history…

  2. dcase says:

    well, the most schizophrenic GOP candidate in recent memory pulls out and leaves the field solely to Mitt.

    Or does he?

    Don't forget our crazy uncle, Ron Paul. He is busy gathering delegates; hoping to force some of his libertarian agenda on Romney's campaign (not a bad idea, you know) or even somehow influence the running mate. He is withholding his endorsement for exactly that reason.

    Word to Mitt Romney: just when you thought it might be safe to get into the water….

    • Cowboy Logic says:

      I can just picture Newt dancing in front of the bathroom mirror, with a towel wrapped around his ample girth, singing into a hairbrush. "I'm schizophrenic and so am I………."

  3. DB523 says:

    Sigh, Newt was the only one I could picture with a Churchill cigar in his mouth….

    Well, it was an important shallow surface thing that appealed to me…. I've been paying attention to the progs…

    • Cowboy Logic says:

      I could picture that.

      Remember what Bill Clinto did with his cee-gar.

      • DB523 says:

        shucks, no I do not. I can actually hear that "cee-gar" but it is not shaking anything loose..

        So…. what did Bill do with his cee-gar….

        or are we speaking of Monica….

        • Cowboy Logic says:

          I was facetiously referring to Monica Lew.

        • onecornpone says:

          ROTFLMAO!!! And YOU were poking fun at ME last night???;-D

          Sweet widdul sheltered DB…

          That's why we love ya!

  4. GUNNYG says:

    I supported Perry and then Cain then Santorum but now, I'll back Romney in order to get rid of the Muslim sympathizer in the WH. Only by taking ALL THREE branches in November can we begin to get rid of 50 years of Liberalism run amok.

    • Cowboy Logic says:

      Good seeing you here.

    • JohnK144 says:

      Maybe we keep the House, take the Senate and the White House.

      But until we change the "leadership" in both houses of Congress, the best we can hope for is to stem the tide of liberalism.

      A couple more election cycles, at least.

      • BronxZionist says:

        That's why I keep harping on the need to get and keep the swing voters.
        This is not going to be a one term proposition.
        It will take more than just the 3 terms of Reagan and GHW Bush.
        That means keeping those swing voters from swinging back, and that means a combination of not letting the RINOs go for the pork, not letting the Tea Partiers get arrogant, and making a serious effort to get any surviving Blue Dogs to come along for the ride.
        Do that, and we can undo not just 4 years of Obama, but the 16 years of the less-than-stellar performances under Clinton and GW Bush.

      • Deusexmachina says:

        I don't think we have that much time…

  5. 10ACS1 says:

    Gingrich seemed to have a sincere desire to include all the other candidates and their supporters, focus on their strengths, and form them into a united coalition to defeat Obama. And that includes his past bitter rival, Dr. Paul. I respect him for that. And I believe he was the best communicator and debater in the field, bar none.

    For me, Newt might have actually made an acceptable "coalition" candidate, despite some serious differences. I am sorry it didn't work out that he were competing down to the wire with Ron Paul instead of Romney.

    A salute to Newt supporters here on a hard-fought campaign.