Employers in U.S. Added Fewer Jobs Than Forecast in April

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10 Responses to Employers in U.S. Added Fewer Jobs Than Forecast in April

  1. Red47 says:

    That graph isn't pretty and 115 k is not very many. It certainly is not enough to support a recovery. (Note I did not say sustain). There is a real disconnect between the people of our country and our leadership. Here is one place we see it. How can we have recovery when none, NONE of the things that caused it have been corrected. It is like the govt doubled-down on a pair of Stupid.

  2. LostinOregon says:

    8.1% ????!!! When does BALD FACED lying become a crime?

  3. NotKennedy says:

    There was a story last evening about Alabama approving a new law to abuse employers with a new employment tax to bail out bankrupt Birmingham's sewer system. You may recall that Larry, 'LongTooth' Langford was sharp dressed man and liked his bling bling? As mayor of his own wardrobe and personal appearance(s) he was duped like a democrat into a series bond financing deals to setup a pubic works project that enriched a few folks. Now, that burden is being placed on the backs of employers while Larry "LongTooth" languishes in prison, still a burden to the public buget. It is a wonder that the CBC has not stepped in to have him pardoned and appointed to a federal judgeship!

    And folks wonder why employers are reluctant to hire anyone? You have known government abuse until you hire employees–unless you have a union on top of it all.

    • Oregontea says:

      Anyone I hire is an independent contractor anymore, a 1099 guy, or gal.

      Can't afford to do it any other way.

      I have to fend for myself, so do they.

      • NotKennedy says:

        You might want to make sure those contractors have their own worker's comp insurance!

        The State of Maryland decided to redistribute income from employer's to the unemployed and passed along all of those extended unemployment benefits to the employers by PROFOUND increases in unemployment tax. One client went from paying about $900 per year in state unemployment to $13,000, all in one jump. That IS the kind of place Maryland is. DC is equally bad but recently I had a DC client get whacked by Virginia for an employee who lived in Virginia, took a job in DC, wasn't any good at it so he quit and then filed for unemployment in Virginia and they granted his claim!!!

        • Oregontea says:

          Here, a 1099 is all that is required, they are independant contractorsand are paid in “cash”.They are responsible for everything else out of their end.

  4. Taxpayer1234 says:


  5. Oregontea says:

    so many are dropping off the unemployment rolls because the employment picture has "improved" that we are now a nation of welfare. It has replaced unemployment.

    It isn't counted as much or reported at all.