Why OWS is a disaster for the Obama Administration


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  1. ★FALCON★ says:

    I never did understand how assembling a group of street agitators, who cause anarchy, was ever going to help Obama. This might have been one of the dumbest strategies ever.

    As if America is too stupid to recognize this is Obama's Son People.

    So, here is the strategy – put alot of people on the streets who derail the system and somehow deflect it was all caused by Obama.

    Like it or not – Presidents get the credit when things go well and they get the blame when things go poorly.

    To the average moron who doesn't pay attention to the world around – it looks like these morons are assembled against Obama.

    • Cali4niaPatriot says:

      "I never did understand how assembling a group of street agitators, who cause anarchy, was ever going to help Obama."
      The secret sauce is on your statement. "who cause anarchy" —

      As you can imagine, there are not all Obama's people, just the people at the top and some trickle downs. The unaware people in the group are voting for Ron Paul, for instance, and others closer to the core say "let's just leave things as they are, with Obama in for 4 more". Some are homeless and misinformed about the movement. All have inner feeling of jealousy and the division that started with Obama's class vs class rhetoric. That's an easy feeling to convey, jealousy, and they internalize it and fall for it hard unfortunately.

      It does look like they are anti-Obama on the outside I guess, but you will never see signs like that made up for them or encouraged. When you are thinking anarchy, you think that the current system of presidential elections will remain and they will get a black eye. You have to step out of your comfort zone and realize all OWS model themselves after Arab Spring (no secret).

      So, what is this Occupy really about? What was Arab Spring about? Jeffersonian democracy? Not at all. The end game of Islam. Our administration portrays and encourages, misleadingly, the Political Ideology in Egypt taking over as "democracy was won".

      And since our administration portrays and encourages that Political Ideology in Egypt as "democracy was won". What do you think they will do here? Shun it? That's a laugh. It's just a way to consolidate power. That's why the leadership is in the Democratic Party, because to be the ruling party in all this is a pretty sweet deal.

      Watch what Anita Moncrief says about power. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYTppCPMdeM

      and another tidbit… March 29, 2012
      Obama Administration Won’t Prosecute Saudi It Claims Threatened to ‘Blow Up White House http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-administrat...

      • Nick Shaw says:

        Exactly when, Cali, is the US government and the general population going to wake up to the fact that the Saudis are the source of practically all muslim attacks on the West. Of course, I don't mean they are directly involved in every single attack but, they are the biggest supporters of the caliphate to rule the world under islam!
        And their actions are not only overt. They extend into the subversive with their madrassa teachings and funding of muslim groups dedicated to destroying the West.
        And where do they get such funding? From us! We even arm them for God's sake!
        Yet we have gorge raising photos of Bush and Zero practically worshiping them! Even Fox News by dint of Saudi investment. For what? They only have oil. So do we. Probably more than they do! And still we mollycoddle our obvious enemy! This will not end well.
        This subject always drives me nuts!

        • Cali4niaPatriot says:

          When? Well, the US government at the top knows, 100%. SO forget them, the gig is up there. That's a fact.

          General population. One at time my friend. And Fast. When you and I explain it gently to every person in your circle and people you meet. Including family members who are not into politics. Scary huh? Don't let them get away. Tread lightly though.

          Have your internet device with some key bookmarks ready… Some people say those takeovers only happened a long long time ago, with no recent modern examples.

          Brigitte Gabriel talking about the modern, recent hijacking by Islam of what was a primarily her Christian country, Lebonon. She lived to tell about it and she can explain it pretty well.

          Brigitte Gabriel: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America (1 of 5) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNfC8Uduj0c

          Brigitte Gabriel Indoctrination in US Schools Universities http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebi96f94wmE

  2. Nick Shaw says:

    OWS has always been a tool of the far left and they have overplayed their hand yet again.
    Their problem is American consumerism has edged out their need to maintain the ideology. In other words, the, "I want it and I want it now!" culture has overwhelmed the "better" judgement of progressive method to creep into the system under cover of tiny little steps.
    Of course, they banked too much on Zero being their breakthrough. As a result, they have set back the progressive / communist movement by decades (it will never go away!)
    It will take a strong hand on the tiller now, McCarthyism if you will, to get us back on course and root out this menace to true American ideals but, this current crop of politicians is nowhere near up to the job!

  3. tiredofit2012 says:

    from the mouth of an anarchist OWS maroon. If ya can stomach it that is…