Dems: Move Your Convention Site

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22 Responses to Dems: Move Your Convention Site

  1. SunshineConnie says:

    NC will redeem itself by trouncing the devil out of Obama in November.

  2. onecornpone says:

    Music to my ears…

    … it most certainly appears we are beginning to see a collapse of the Obama election machine, in the southern states.

    "Anybody but Obama" has become the mantra in the south.

    • OKenyan says:

      With no apparent swing states, little o unpopular, and reeling from mis-steps daily, it matters not where they hold their stupid convention.
      We'll all be snickering while they try to put on a "happyface"… (Gump style)

      What a Country!!!

  3. Tomtom29 says:

    Move your convention to Chicago, so the anarchists can tear up your home town.

  4. Oregontea says:

    It is too damn late in the game to move the convention.

    Rooms have been booked, airfares paid.


    It is a great thought, however. I here Leningrad is wonderful this time of year.
    Havana, Caracas,

    • Cowboy Logic says:

      They certainly can't go to the Convention Capital of the World……………Las Vegas.

      • Oregontea says:

        With the birth story going viral in the last 24, I wonder who the Dimswill nominate. Drudge is all over it and now links are springing upall over the web. This is HUGE.Hillary seems like the choice now.This will be very bloody.And BB broke the story.The vetting continues.

    • OKenyan says:

      Beijing or Mexico City are also appropriate…Many potential voters and cash bundlers.. Nice in the summer, too!

  5. Cowboy Logic says:

    The Democratic Party.

    Apparently, it is fast becoming the party that Nobody wants to host.

  6. CHICAGO RALPH says:

    DNC..what were you thinking……..???????

    What was wrong with………..

    Detroit, home of "Obamabucks"….??????

    • Red47 says:

      Ahhh, there would be an empty hall in Detroit, too. This could work. THink of the protests that could happen. Overturned cars. Burned things, brawling… fun for all.

  7. Red47 says:

    Too bad they are stuck there. This is what pandering gets you. You whack N.C. over the head with sticks like the Boeing scandal (Yes, it was a scandal!) Poke them in the eye a few more times, then ring the doorbell grinning.

    The logistics of moving this convention make it almost impossible. If they want to spend a third to half again as much money and can find an empty venue two months out–they could try. An empty venue at this juncture–maybe Vegas would welcome them or Phoenix? Somewhere in coal country? Hmm, who else have they pissed on? The list is long.

    • OKenyan says:

      Vegas would 'prolly welcome the money…Lots of whores here…and not just the smiling kind…

  8. Markg55 says:

    Venezuela has few resorts it has "acquired" that would be an ideal location for the DNC.

  9. Markg55 says:

    Put this in the blender and push Frappe'.