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23 Responses to WHAT IS “LEAN” ?

  1. JohnK144 says:

    "If I had a son, he'd have a psychotic episode just like trayvon." —- bho

    Seriously, as I read this, all I could think about was those ignorant bastards in the congressional black caucus, getting up on the House floor and talking about that "sweet, innocent boy" who was "hunted down like an animal."

    It's people like that who are responsible for the deaths of thousands of "trayvons" (and so many others). They lie and cover up the truth with their racist rhetoric, then they "cry" over the inevitable consequences of their deceit.

    I'm not one to wish hell on anybody, but these people need to be held to account for the destruction of so many lives.

    • RioLinda says:

      "If I had a son, he'd look just like trayvon." —- bho

      If Trayvon had a dad, (the posibilities are endless..)

  2. SunshineConnie says:

    He looks more and more like Obama every day… If he had a son.

  3. NotKennedy says:

    The MalcomX charter school in Washington DC is having a Trayvon Day in celebration of their derelict inspiration.

    The old stories, maxims I suppose, hold true, if you go on a witch hunt you will most assuredly find one. If you go looking for trouble, you will probably find it. Zimmerman is a victim and is entitled to victim's rights and reparations. The decedent's mother is already trying to cash in on the celebrity criminal monster.

    • JohnK144 says:

      Welcome to LBJ's "Great" Society.

      Liberal, leftist policies have decimated the black family, and destroyed their lives. And then they call US "racists."

      • NotKennedy says:

        Maybe they can have the ever inspirational Marion "Crakka" Barry as their Grand Imperial Marshall and inspirational speaker.

        LBJ thought considerably less of non-indigenous Texans than the celebrants of Juneteenth may know.

        • JohnK144 says:

          Old marion is a too busy insulting the "dirty Asians" and "Polacks."

          LBJ was a psychopath.

  4. keepdad says:

    Gives new meaning to the MSNBC/Rev Al generated slogan "lean forward".

  5. triper57 says:

    Just the kind of kid every parent wants? O's son would be like Treyvon?

    • JohnK144 says:

      I always thought oby's son would be more like "Che" von.

    • Heza Nidiot says:

      Yes, and nothing says "mother's boundless love" quite like filing applications for trademarking your deceased son's name.

      • JohnK144 says:

        You gotta admit, the race industry has their business model down to a science. Next thing you know, "mom" is gonna claim that she always wanted to be a "farmer."

  6. Cobra212 says:

    Taking a drug addicted, drug pushing, trouble making thug and portraying him as a sweet innocent young boy was a purposeful fabrication. Portraying Zimmerman as a white racist was a purposeful fabrication. The real question we should be looking as is the purpose behind these deceptions and how the media, the Obama administration, and the Black "leadership" is trying to mislead not only the Black community, but the entire nation. The Blacks are being used and manipulated by their own "leadership" in order to further the belief that whites are all bad and racist, where generally this isn't true. Although there are exceptions, just like with anything, most white people have overcome the past and would like to treat at all races equally, but it is the constant playing of the race card by the Black leadership that prevents this from happening. If the Blacks would simply join society instead of insisting on constantly doing their own thing, they would be much more readily accepted. America became what it is because the great mixing bowl blended cultures together. My grand parents were all immigrants from Yugoslavia and Hungary, yet my parents were as American as apple pie. That's just one generation to blend in. How many generations in Black history has it been and yet they want to stand alone with their own culture, their own holidays, their own museums, their own history, etc. Ask yourself why we don't have (and don't need) and Irish history month, an Italian history museum, a Polish holiday celebration, or anything other than good old American history, museums, holidays. How can we integrate if the people we would like to integrate insist on segregation? How can we show that a majority of whites are not really racist if at every turn the Black leadership is fabricating stories to prove that we are? Most racism that exists is there because of the black segregation mentality and the part of the culture that has adopted thuggery, drugs, crime, and obnoxious behavior as their norm. I am opposed to that type of thing whether black, white, or any other color. That's not racist that's simply respect for the values that made America great and opposed to those that tear this great country down.

    • RioLinda says:

      "How can we integrate people who insist on segregation?"

      Then complain that they are not accepted.?
      In my experience, albeit limited, Blacks I've met who cast off the plantation mentality shackles, are as successful and American as any "white" person I know. But it's difficult for many Blacks, when they hear about racism, lynchings, Jim Crow, and slavery constantly in the media. The chains are difficult to break, but it can be done. Look at Walter William, Tom Sewell, or Herman Cain

      • NotKennedy says:

        It is fine to hold up Sewell, Williams and Cain as high models of individual accomplishment but to be direct, just look at who is on their way to work in the morning when the rest of us are out in the world. The guy or woman, black, hispanic, legal or illegal, in the other car, on the the train, just doing the dharma of life IS the story. Very few blacks make up the population of indigenous abomination that fosters news blather day after day. The media regards ordinary middle class, Monday thru Friday guys, as fly over country. There is no story in the folks who do what is required in this life.

        To paraphrase an old GE advertisement: Media. They bring bad things to life.

        • RioLinda says:

          "It is fine to hold up Sewell, Williams and Cain as high models of individual accomplishment .."

          Better to hold these men up for admiration and emulation, then Jesse J, Alfonso Sharpton, and the Black Caucus..
          Have a FATHER to set a good example, doesn't hurt either..

          • NotKennedy says:

            Ummm, not to be too picky but than versus then could change the meaning of what you probably meant from what you typed? lol

            The CBC is the shoe on the other foot of KKK mentality. Term Limits. We are born with them. Government terms should be shorter.

  7. LibertyWriter says:

    The kid died a long time ago. The liberal bastards are responsible.

  8. onecornpone says:

    NO room for truth here peeps… Jesse and Al set the narrative.

    Trayvon was murdered by a half-whitey. Got'ta be some serious revenge exacted… don'cha know?

    How many people, in various locales across the nation, completely unrelated to the Trayvon – Zimmerman incident have been accosted, molested, had the shyt beat out of them, all in the name of vengeance for Martin?

    Will Jesse and Al ever learn to STFU? Who can take their rabid, incendiary race baiting behavior and ram it into the darkness of their nether regions? Someone better step forward soon, before we have a race war on our hands.

    • JohnK144 says:

      "Will Jesse and Al ever learn to STFU?"

      Nope. It will take the bony hand of the Reaper to shut those two up.

      • NotKennedy says:

        I think they know that their fate in eternity is already fixed so they are making what they can of the time remaining in the light of day. There is no sin in heaven. And there is no new sin in hell. Their time is now, before forever.