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“I do what I do because the mainstream media chooses not to do it. The game of the left controlling the narrative… is ending.”
— Andrew Breitbart on March 01, 2012

“Andrew Breitbart was a force of nature, a jokester, smart and kind. He assembled a group of lost souls who were battling against corruption and became our shield. He took the blows, so we could be heard.” –The Daily Caller 2012-03-06 15:12:00


I first heard of the name Andrew Breitbart on the 9th of September 2009 on talk radio. I heard that on the following day, September 10th, there would be a new website called Big Government. I made it a point to find it the following day, and was hooked from the first instant. I went back through the archives, found Mike Flynn’s introductory post, and there I am, on page three of that thread. I’ve been hammering away ever since. Whether it was good, bad, or indifferent, nobody could ever say that I was insincere. But this article is not about me. It is about Andrew Breitbart, and all of you.

What was the immediate appeal of Andrew Breitbart and his BIG sites? I believe it was several things. He caught chained lightning and captured it in a bottle. He was a Don Quixotic character who never shrank from tilting at windmills; but contrary to Don Quixote, Andrew never failed to score, and to slay his opponents, and he did so with a touch of class, sprinkled with varying degrees of humor, dignity and panache. He had the intuitive qualities of a homing pigeon, and always hit the mark with laser guided precision; he had a special knack, a gift, for making all of the right people mad. In reality, sometimes the truth hurts.

Andrew Breitbart was the voice of any man, and of every man. He said publicly what many of you had been thinking, and saying, and feeling for years. He articulated the frustrations of good, common, decent hardworking Americans who have felt for a generation now that they had been forgotten and abandoned by their government and by their elected representatives; a rogue government, aided and abetted by their accomplices and co-conspirators, the Main Stream Media; the Fourth Estate, which had abdicated their roles as gatekeepers of what was true and honorable, in exchange for their thirty pieces of silver and positions of power.

From James O’Keefe and Hanna Giles first exposing Bertha Lewis and the criminal enterprise of ACORN, through Shirley Sherrod and the Pigford saga, right on down the line to Anthony Weiner, with scores of lesser stories interspersed, Andrew continued to fight the good fight for what was right and decent. For the America we all once knew and loved and believed in; an America that is now but a distant dream, a shadow of its former self.

I have never been one who would be much inclined to follow anyone, anywhere. Strong willed people tend to be rather independent in nature, but I would have gladly followed Andrew Breitbart directly into the fiery gates of Hell, knowing full well that it would have been a humorous and truthful adventure. I respected and admired Andrew Breitbart for many things, as he had all of the right qualities, and few wrong ones. Andrew understood everything about The Show, as he had an uncanny knack, an intuition. He understood delivery, and maximum effect, he was truly a born natural. He was indeed, John Wayne on rollerblades, with a larger than life sense of humor. Those are probably the two qualities I admire most in an individual: humor and wit.

One must be entirely honest with themselves and with others in times like these. The first and most immediate question that comes to mind is “What is the Show, without the Showman?” The only honest answer is that the answer is yet to be determined. Andrew has certainly laid the groundwork, and provided the building blocks, yet his legacy is now up to you.

Over the course of the past few days, I have had numerous people ask that I write something here, and I feel compelled to do so; not only for Andrew and his family, but for the many friends I have come to know and love here. Andrew did more than create an interactive web community; he created a family, and it is with a deep sense of loss that this family is now grieving, along with his immediate family.

Things stick in a persons mind. Although young at the time, I remember where I was when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. In my life, I can count the times I have cried on one hand: on the days that my children were born, and the day I learned that Ronald Regan had passed. When I heard the news regarding Andrew, it was initially through a voice mail message. At first, I thought it was a hoax, a sick joke. It wasn’t until I spoke to someone whom I knew I could trust that the realization began to sink in. It was then that I pulled my truck over, sat down in the mud and bawled like a schoolgirl.

Andrew Breitbart might have been a lot of things, and might have done a lot of things. When I close my eyes and think about him, the thing that comes immediately to mind is Roosevelt’s “In the Arena.” It sums Andrew up quite succinctly. I have always believed that when a man comes to the end, if it can be said that he made a difference, then he did good. Andrew Breitbart made a difference. As we say out west: Boy, you did good!

Andrew, adios my friend.

Cowboy Logic
4  March 2012

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122 Responses to Andrew

  1. gorkisadorke says:

    Thank you Cowboy. I'm glad somebody sent me an email about this board. I wondered what happened to you and everyone.

    I miss Andrew so much I can't stand it. I recently watched DVD by a wonderful minister who said that God uses us to do his work. If not us, who? Who else can he count on.

    Well, Andrew did God's work in spades. He walked toward the fire. He was on a mission.

  2. Haditwgov says:

    There are few things I am certain regarding the rest of my life but missing AB is at the top of the list. I was late to his party and I am late to this one. AB bravely gave voice to the frustrations inside me. He lent me his clarity and his strength. His courage and conviction have made me a better person from the day I first logged onto the Big sites. That first day I found my home and my new friends. I imagine AB must be shaking things up pretty good up there now, getting everything ready for all of us.